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What does App Mean

Have you tried this new app? Yesterday I downloaded an app! Because I do not work anymore the app…?

What does App Mean

But exactly what does app mean? The term is a neologism, or rather an abbreviation of the term computer “application”. Yes, we’re talking about technology, and specifically phones! You’ll be surprised, but really, there’s an app for you (almost) everything!

The application is a small program, a software intended to be used and installed in mobile phones or tablets, mobile devices of last generation. Applications are the heart of smartphones. Apps allow you to give life to your cell to make that fit as much as possible to your needs and your tastes.

If you love playing sports for example, you can download to your phone have some application to monitor the daily exercise: calories burned, kilometers traveled, altitude reached and so on.

And then? And then there are apps for taking photos, to check the weather, to make free calls to all your friends to download music or to play wherever you are! There are galore, I mean. Some useful and suitable for everyone. Other funny and wacky.

It is impossible to say exactly how many applications there are nowadays available. The number is always changing depending on the operating system that the device.

You have a smartphone and would like to consult a catalog of application compatible with your device? See the app listed on, are divided by categories and popularity!