What Does App Mean

Have you tried this new app? Yesterday I downloaded an app! Because I do not work anymore the app…?

What does App Mean

But exactly what does app mean? The term is a neologism, or rather an abbreviation of the term computer “application”. Yes, we’re talking about technology, and specifically phones! You’ll be surprised, but really, there’s an app for you (almost) everything!

The application is a small program, a software intended to be used and installed in mobile phones or tablets, mobile devices of last generation. Applications are the heart of smartphones. Apps allow you to give life to your cell to make that fit as much as possible to your needs and your tastes.

If you love playing sports for example, you can download to your phone have some application to monitor the daily exercise: calories burned, kilometers traveled, altitude reached and so on.

And then? And then there are apps for taking photos, to check the weather, to make free calls to all your friends to download music or to play wherever you are! There are galore, I mean. Some useful and suitable for everyone. Other funny and wacky.

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It is impossible to say exactly how many applications there are nowadays available. The number is always changing depending on the operating system that the device.

You have a smartphone and would like to consult a catalog of application compatible with your device? See the app listed on AbbreviationFinder.org, are divided by categories and popularity!

The Best Educational Apps for Kids

Sure that when you left home in the morning wearing your smartphone, is almost sure that you are right now looking at the article via mobile phone. Thanks to the digital revolution we are day and night using the phone, talking about social networking, playing, or simply looking for things on the internet.

We are able to know any information at the moment, we know even as track a cell phone, buy and sell online to blow click through apps, but time is consumed very fast in front of a digital screen.

And if part of the time use it in apps for educational purposes to improve the learning of children on a topic specific or improve skills?

With the passage of time applications that have come on the market for educational purposes have been improving the user experience. On the issue of education, there are many areas, for all ages and of different specialties.

There are many applications that have been created for adults, but increasingly developers offer different options for children, almost always with didactic features.

So in this article we will show educational applications that are compatible for tablets or mobile with which children will enjoy learning.

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There are many mobile applications, but we will focus which are valid on Android and iOSdevices, since, to this day, they accounted for over 96% of the entire market.

There are some available for iPad, but they also serve for iPhone have the same operating system.

Geometry Montessori, one of the best kids Tablet

This app aims to improve understanding of geometric shapes, logical capacity to prioritize and categorize the elements.

The content is based on scientific studies so that the child can properly assimilate the material:

Families of forms: there are different scenes representing a real place.

Games to improve the learning process

Memory function with the meaning of the various elements

This fabulous application has been developed by educators in order to provide the child the resources necessary to interact in many ways with each form. It is available in 15 languages and you can find it for iPad and iPhone.

Usability is perfect for a child, has no advertising or extras to buy.

EDOKI Academy are the official developers who have used the Montessori method and with the experience decided to launch it to the market with a price of 3.99.

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Drawnimal, the fun is assured

The purpose of this app is the learning of the alphabet through the drawing. It is also available for iPad and iPhone.

The operation is simple, the child has to draw outside the terminal parts of animals that appear on the screen and at the same time learn the alphabet. This combination is very didactic, and at the stage of childhood painting is common, so children are attentive.

It includes more than 30 animals with basic sounds and the possibility of use in 5 languages, Spanish, English, Italian, French and German.

Yatatoi is the brand that has created it from the hand of the designer and director of the project, Lucas Zanotto.

Tiny Cosmonauts: application mode history

Who said that with a story not learn?

The Spanish firm has launched two educational games that are popular among children. This is deTiny Trees, an adventure composed of a story and the application, ebook & paper.

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The goal is to experience a tale with touches of humor, fun, adventure and love. It tells a story of a girl and her father who need help to take care of a plant that will convert to a tree in a very original planet.

The user will have to solve puzzles, move and interact with objects while you enjoy the story.

It is specially designed for children with more than 2 years and offers an interface full of colorful images to draw attention and encourage your child. Also the melody perfectly complements the interactive elements that appear during the course of the story.

You can visit the official website and download the app on any iOS device.

It educates Planet and its famous applications

Pipo was an educational game for computer that had a lot of success with millions of copies sold. Educating Planet were the creators of this game and are dedicated to the development of applications and educational games for children.

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Learn to read with Grin application focuses on teach and reinforce the learning of reading and writing (letters alphabet) in elementary and preschool children.

Kely, adding and subtracting motivates kids to enter the world of mathematics, a challenge of 60 fun levels showing subtraction and addition.

There are currently installed in some classrooms and sometimes slates in digital format used by applications of educa planet to support teaching methods.

On the official website, they offer many apps that are supported in the operating system Android and iOS.