What Are Good Shoes for Spring

Many women are known weakness for new shoes. If you do not belong to this group and do not like to invest money in new shoes, then you need these mandatory six models that can wear every spring.

Modern Sneakers

A pair of sneakers will never leave you is redundant in the spring. And since sports fashion started to gain positions on the catwalk, these shoes became mandatory for your collection. The good thing is that now offer casual models – with lace or jewelery.

Popular sneakers are raised platform. If you want something more classic for spring, choose sneakers with floral motifs. The advantage of modern sneakers that can now wear them not only with jeans or leggings, and even retro skirt or dress with tulle.

Shoes with Laces

Shoes with laces are a variation of oksfordkite that are part of your autumn wardrobe. Some find shoes with links elegant because they have classic style. Others believe are more rude, because borrowed from the male wardrobe. Anyway, there is no dispute that are practical and comfortable. Moreover, today it is available in different colors – black instead, you can choose mint, coral or even yellow. Shoes with laces can wear a skirt or skinny jeans.


Spring is the perfect season for wearing slippers. These shoes are nice, cozy and very comfortable, so at the end of a long day, there is no danger of weary legs. Ideal if you’re a fan of feminine but not too strict vision. Furthermore slippers can be combined with everything from wardrobe you – dresses, skirts, jeans, tights, pants. If you want to make so that your legs look visually longer, then choose a pair of flesh-colored.


Open finger with ethno motives or screaming bright colors, platforms are required for your spring wardrobe. In addition, for spring are ideal because complement Bohol style and fashion style 1970th. Their advantage is that you can combine them with almost anything imaginable.

Shoes with High Heels

classic high-heeled shoes is a must for every spring, regardless of fashion trends. Suitable for everyday office style if you require you more strict office dress code, but can also use it for formal occasions and parties. If you hold to keep up with fashion, choose a model with a sharp point. If you keep have a pair for every occasion and every season, then bet on black stilettos and will not go wrong.