Weight Loss: Fat Killer Beauty Food

Tired, sluggish and sluggish? Maybe your metabolism needs a little kick! These foods bring your body into motion – and are true fat killers.

Weight Loss: Fat Killer Beauty Food

The body has to do a lot of clearing up: toxins, which we absorb via the food, and abbaustoffe from the metabolism must be filtered out and excreted. In the case of a permanently poor diet, the body no longer provides this detoxification completely, and waste materials accumulate in the tissue instead of being excreted. This slows the metabolism, fat pads are built up, the nutrient supply does not work properly anymore and we feel repelled and energyless. According to hollowaywishlist.com,  there are some secret weapons in the  beauty food rack, which will give you an extra kick to your metabolism and heat your fat burning!The largest detox masters include asparagus and strawberries.

Detoxify with strawberries, asparagus arugula and artichokes

Both foods dehydrate and flush out with the superfluous liquid also stored toxins from the body. An asparagus meal with a light strawberry dessert is like a cleansing cure for the body. And if asparagus and strawberries just do not have a season, purge with arugula or artichokes. The cynarin contained in the artichoke stimulates the liver and the bile, thus promoting not only detoxification, but also fat metabolism. Or simply spice up with fresh watercress – which stimulates the digestion, purifies and tastes also deliciously spicy! In addition to the artichoke, Schikoree also looks like a kind of fat burner. With its bitter substances it heats the digestion and melts with magnesium, iron and potassium fat pads.

Low-fat protein stimulates fat loss

In addition, you can boost the fat loss by eating small portions of low-fat protein, for example a low-fat fish fillet or a piece of low-fat turkey breast. The digestion of protein costs the body a lot of energy and he has to resort to his own fat reserves.

In order to get the metabolism on track trout help: pineapple and papaya contain enzymes, which support certain digestive processes and accelerate the metabolism. Citrus fruits and kiwifruit have a similar effect and promote the metabolism due to their extraordinarily high vitamin C content. Regularly a glass of water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice provides not only with healthy vitamin C, but also keeps the metabolism permanently in motion!And so you burn a lot of fat in no time without starving.