Weight in Pregnancy, Which Is the Right One?

Weight in pregnancy, which is the right one and when to worry. Here’s everything you need to know about weight gain during pregnancy.

How do you set with the weight during pregnancy, but above all which is the right one and what are the potential risks for expectant mothers who accumulate too? There is also some risk, on the other hand, if during your pregnancy you get fat too little? Today we will try to answer these questions, and avoid creating unnecessary alarmism that often put anxious the mums.

What is the right weight during pregnancy?

It depends! The healthy weight in the nine months of gestation depends on the weight that the patient had prior to pregnancy. But there is no doubt that an overweight woman has to be very careful not to put on too many pounds, even in cases of obesity will be need to follow from a nutritionist to lose weight, rather than accumulate it. There is no ideal weight gain in pregnancy with best pregnancy shoes for summer, but no doubt it would be better not to exceed 10 or 12 pounds, although there are cases of women before pregnancy were skinny and that during the 9 months they took almost 20 pounds, riperdendoli then rapidly immediately after birth; then there are also those cases of “thinness” that reach almost anorexia, even more so for patients with these issues is a must get in care with an expert, because the risk in these cases is to give birth to an underweight child.

How to increase weight during pregnancy

The weight gain during the nine month is not absolutely fixed, as it is determined both by the weight of the fetus from the amniotic fluid, placenta and uterus, but can also depend on fat deposition in the tissues and fluid retention, which during pregnancy is very common.

This is why weight gain is always gradual, but tends to increase at certain times than others: for example, after the period of nausea can be no increase in weight ranging from 3 to 4 pounds, but not for all the course of pregnancy proceeds identically. Usually we talk about an increase of 1-2 kg around the end of the 3 months, 3.5 -5 kg per month, for a total of 5° -14 9.5 kg at the end of pregnancy. Clearly is not a rule, but if you follow a balanced diet weight gain should follow, more or less, this trend.