Wedding with Perfect Nails

Nail Care Before The Wedding Is Particularly Important

Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day. At the latest when the ring Exchange all wedding guests on the hands of the bride and groom look and so every bride should pay special attention to the nail care before the wedding. On every wedding photo, the hands when changing the ring be immortalized. The hands and nails on the wedding day should be so really perfectly maintained. This needs some preparation and not only works on the day before the wedding. But every bride like to preparing for their big day!

You Get Perfectly Manicured Hands

Absolutely regular hand cream and special oils and creams for the skin should be used. Leaving the skin supple and avoid cracked places and inflammation around the nail bed.

Good for a treatment for the hands! How to: hand cream carry on dick and dressed in cotton gloves. This Spa wrap for hands works best if you soak them over night. Then the bride’s hands are soft as silk!

Nail varnish removal with the right tools: use always nail polish remover without acetone! Acetone dries out the nails and cuticles. Better use without acetone and moisturizing products for removing Nail Polish.

Please never cut cuticles! The hands better prepare nail oil at or something to soak in the bathtub. Then carefully push the cuticles with a Rose Bud back. The cuticle is not cut or forcefully maltretieren the dry cuticles.

Protect your hands from sharp cleaning agents! No matter how much one wants to bring the home before the wedding even on glossy, clean only with gloves! Cleaning supplies are sharp and irritate the skin. This can lead to chapped skin, brittle nails, and inflammation.

Use a high-quality nail file to file the nails. It is also important to refine not just anyhow! Deduct from the side to the top, and once again perform the same movement. Everything else makes it tear up the nails and brings only frustration instead of beautiful finger nails for the bride at the end.

At the nail biter: They should consider how it can bring about a change in behavior. Every bride should go on but some time before the wedding. If this simply will not work, even artificial nails are an alternative.

No matter whether you stylest discreetly at your wedding finger nails in French look or you as a bride to paint, glitter and attack design: it is important to present manicured hands and nails! Even more tips on the beauty program for the bride!

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