Ways to Wear a Scarf in Summer

Ways to Wear a Scarf in Summer
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We are talking about the scarf of course! Must have summer 2013. Its highlight? The versatility! Summer, colored, in many different materials. Proposed already in 2010 by Marni as a kind of pirate headgear, Hermes scarves with its uni united that wrap their heads with hats collected.

From singers to actresses, from fashion runways to the films and hit TV shows, the scarf has more and more success.

You can play in all ways, depending on your tastes and needs, not only on the hair or neck. Here are many ways to wear the scarf.

  • with a simple knot at the neck of a sweater from a V-neck or even on a shirt
  • It can be used as a head band or hair band according to the magnitude of the scarf
  • always on the hair it may be knotted creating a style pirate bandaging the entire head of hair
  • the cowboy style neck
  • It can be tied on a bun to give a ‘sophisticated and elegant air to the wearer
  • It can be used as a belt or even knotted bow close on the bag
  • It can be used for the realization of particular top
  • if you have available a larger scarf can become a real poncho

Lots of modes and variants to wear, to suit the tastes of each, from different dimensions to optical prints and more eccentric, to color the summer is coming!

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