Water Aerobics During Pregnancy

Ready for water aerobics during pregnancy? Here’s the most useful exercises for pregnant women. We have repeatedly discussed the opportunities and risks associated with sports activities practiced during the gestation period. Apparently, the Aqua aerobics is one of the most appropriate and beneficial. Let us see why and what are the most effective workouts.

Unless there are particular health risks or impediments, sport activity for pregnant women helps to keep fit, removing the risk of certain diseases and avoiding putting on too many Cassidy or relax too much muscle tone. However, not all sports can be practised safely without constituting a risk to mother and fetus. For example, the running during pregnancy can be risky without the right precautions and without the consent of your doctor. Among the most suitable sports, water aerobics is one of the sweetest and benefits for pregnant women, thanks to the combined action of the water and the movements that are performed.

First, the water makes us lighter (about 1/6 the weight on the Earth): This helps to reduce the efforts for schienae for joints, relieving the load on the baby bump that often can cause low back pain and sciatica in recent weeks. This ease of movement and the buoyant, offer also exercises that normally would be fastiodiosi or risky for pregnant women, such as the exercises to practice supine (normally to be avoided because they can compress the inferior vena cava and generate pressure drop). The second advantage of water aerobics during pregnancy is that the hydrostatic pressure and the vasoconstrictor action of the water promotes venous return, helping to improve circulation and counteract disturbances like swelling and heaviness of the lower limbs. Also, the water is able to drill a drainage massage, which helps against cellulite and water retention. Thirdly, the resistance exerted by water amplifies the invigorating effect on muscles from normal activity on the ground. Last but not least, psychologically and emotionally, moving in the water helps us feel more serene because it stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones responsible for the good mood and mental wellbeing, helping to relax and make us feel closer to the child.

But what are the most useful and suitable exercises for pregnant women? Here are some exercises, to train the most critical points:

– for PECs: spread-eagled, extend your arms, bend your elbows, and performed circular movements, first clockwise and then anticlockwise.

– to the sides: legs together, resting his arms on the edge of the pool and streamlined the right leg to the side and come back, without resting your leg, and repeat with the left;

– for neck and shoulders: imitate the position of freestyle, holding arms and legs extended and joined, raising his head to the side and breathing in, opening simultaneously arms and legs, exhaling, carefully resealing the bags;

– for the abdominal muscles: open and close her legs and then queried snips moving his legs up and down as in the back;

– for circulation: run on site trying to raise the knees as possible, with slow movements.

There are many structures with specific courses for pregnant women but, before you subscribe, always consult your doctor for advice.