Violent Presale on OnePlus One Starts Now

OnePlus One opens up for advance sales of their high-end kills.

Chinese OnePlus is a new player in the mobile phone industry but intends to turn up and down in the market. The first broadside to the established brands was fired by last Wednesday when OnePlus presented a real topmobil to less than half of what similar phones cost today.

Other ointment starts at the time of writing with a destructive advance sales. On can interested buyers apply for a 16 GB version of OnePlus One for just 1 $. Potential buyers must, however, be willing to video filming a creative destruction of their current phone. OnePlus shares only hundred weights out, but the winners will be rewarded with far 3 invitations to the presale.

Will you not help to ‘Smash the Past’, as OnePlus call marketing stuntet, there will be multiple invitations to download via OnePlus ‘ forum or their facebook page.

OnePlus delivers the first 16 GB versions for invited buyers from the beginning of May.

Update: If you are tempted to put his topmobil under the block in order to get.