View a Battery Will Be Fully Charged in Just 30 Seconds

New technology with batteries of Bioorganic material with super fast charging can be a reality in just three years.

The battery life on our gadgets is pretty much always in focus. There are different ways to access the problem, some take a spare battery with it, some manufacturers are focusing on to cram several milliamps in the batteries while the other goes in the opposite ditch and using e-ink screens as an alternative to the power-hungry color screens.

What about the time it takes to charge the phone, if it can be done in seconds instead of hours and minutes may also resolve some of the problems. Qualcomm unveiled last year QuickCharge 1.0 technology which sits in many mobiles and the recently launched HTC M8 has a Quick Charge 2.0 feature (compatible Chargers come dog until later in the year) which intersects the additional 33 percent of ladetiden from 0 to 100 percent compared to Quick Charge 1.0.

It takes, however, still in the region of one and a half hours to charge the phone completely, but what if it could be done in under 30 seconds?
StoreDot is an Israeli startup company which now presents a prototype of a charger and a battery that just can cope with this.

Ready in 2017

It is on display in a Samsung Galaxy S3, and although the battery right now is relatively large, then tells StoreDot that the size is expected to be similar to current batteries as soon as it is ready to be launched.

The best part is, however, the product supposedly will be ready for sale already in 2017, with a price which corresponds to the double of what an average charger costs today. StoreDot forveter that they are about a year has reached the proper size, and in two years has scraped together the necessary energy to keep a phone running a full day.

The most obvious problem right now is, according to the company, the market is not ready. It is absolutely new materials and new chemical processes, but there is talk about bio-organic material and you will not need large facilities to produce the battery. That is precisely why considering StoreDot to build their own factory to manufacture to increase speed to market