Use of Petroleum Jelly in Cosmetics

A lot of beauty specialists state that petroleum jelly is a product of simple cosmetics, moisturizing and not expensive, especially for the lip care.

Use of Petroleum Jelly in Cosmetics

Cosmetic Vaseline or oil has important applications: protects the skin from the effects of the cold season, it is used as a cleaning agent or as a cream against wrinkles in the eye area.

Among young women, particularly in countries like Britain, Norway, France, Italy, USA, Netherlands and Greece, Vaseline is present in cosmetic beauty tools for many years. This is a derivative of petroleum, and began to be studied in the 19th century, when some workers in Pennsylvania, they found that the wounds caused by cuts heal more easily if it comes in contact with the oil.
A long period of time, the Vaseline was considered, but over time studies have confirmed that its curative action on the skin of scratches, cuts or burns can be explained because the gel does not allow germs to penetrate damaged skin, not because they act in it.

Moreover, it is not recommended in case of burns or burns cool (we like the oil Burns), and even to moisturize the nasal mucosa-oil particles can be inhaled from the lungs and can harm the body.

But even the prestigious Food and Drug Administration has recognized the Vaseline in cosmetic products.
Good for beauty

The petroleum jelly cosmetics offers remarkable results especially in the cold season, especially when the skin and lips (no sebaceous glands) United to dehydrate. In addition, many women use it as a cleaning agent, night cream, or stain your skin when you paint your hair. The trick can be improved with petroleum jelly, for example, the eyebrow pencil is accentuated if spread with a little Vaseline or mascara can be replaced if on genes applies a small amount of Vaseline. Vaseline is recommended because it is pure, colorless, odorless and has no taste.

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