Unlimited Rate with 3 GB Also Becomes RACCTel

RACCTel, the parallel to Euskaltel OMV returns to inherit another new rates of your host, this time more quickly than usual to offer unlimited tariff to those who prefer not to have to hire services fixed with Euskaltel.

The 25 flat fee RACCTel has good use conditions that it is limited to a maximum of 7,000 minutes although in practice they do almost unlimited while navigates during 3 GB at maximum speed and from which the speed is reduced to 64 Kbps up to 9 GB whose speed would drop to a innavegables 8 Kbps. 24.90 euros)30,13 EUR with VAT).

With a similar rate monthly unlimited 4G of Amena, improvement with an extra giga at maximum speed while which other operators as Telstra, Vodafone or Movistar could also reach the 3 GB but adding extra data bonds to their rates unlimited but always with a price higher than that established by RACCTel.

With the new rate flat 25, details of the complete range of rates RACCTel is follows: