Types of Recordings of Stand Alone and Their Settings

Surely you must have wondered about the types of stand alone recording.

Types of Recordings of Stand Alone and Their Settings

With that in mind, let’s talk about the types of recording and how to configure them.

Well, there are two ways to write for stand alone, and by recording continuous or motion detection recording.
Continuous recording generates greater file size, making it the shortest HD capability, and coming record images unnecessary.

On the other hand, the recording by motion generates a saving on storage space of the HD.
Just to give you an idea, a 16 Channel DVR AHD, continuous recording with 4 TB HD, reaches record by 14 days.
There is also a possibility to write both ways, merging recordings; for example: you have a store and the security cameras from Securitypology.com can be recording in continuous mode while running. After this time, you can configure to write only for movement, since the same is closed.

So, to set in motion detection recording, it is necessary to enter the “MENU” by clicking with the right mouse button on the screen. In the tab “Recording” in the “configuration”.

In the field “channel”, set the channel you want to activate the motion detection or “All” to set all channels; in the “mode” option select “address book”; in “Week” select “All” to configure the recording for everyday; in “Period 1” let “00:00-24:00” and check the option “Detect.”. And click “OK”.

Now, in “alarm” tab, click “Move”. In “channel”, select the channel to be recorded by camera movement and click “Activate”. Choose a detection sensitivity in the field “sensitivity”

The “channel”, located below the “alarm output”, select the channel corresponding to the channel enabled on the tab above. And redo the settings on every channel. Click the “OK” button. Click “OK” on the previous screen.

Once this is done, the já́ DVR will be recording by motion detection.