Types of Men’s Shirts

Striped Shirt-Striped shirt is an item that can be found in every male wardrobe. The main reason is the multifunctionality of this right. It can easily be converted from the daily office attire in a garment for klabing. The direction and size of the stripes will determine how elegant a shirt. The bright stripes are more casual and therefore unsuitable for office. Broad stripes are rare in the workplace, not to mention the evening. The more simple is stripes, the elegant shirt is. If you want to be taken seriously in the workplace, it is best to wear shirts with very small stripes. Avoid multicolored combinations as the effect of the rainbow looks more funny than professional. To emphasize stripes, choose a contrasting color for the base. For more discreet resulting choose white shirt beige stripes. Maritime pattern is suitable for the summer, but is extremely informal and rather occurs on T-shirts. Yellow, pink or pastel green stripe is also very suitable for casual shirts, creating a summer mood.

Types of Men's Shirts

Plaid shirt-Of all the designs for shirts, the box is the most common combination. If you ever come across the terms “plaid” or “shepherd’s plaid”, you know what it is. The box is not the official right, it is suited more for casual shirts. Shortly exception is the small box that is unobtrusive and suitable for the office. In terms of office wardrobe always stick to simple and clean shapes. In terms of clothing outside the workplace box offers many opportunities for diversity. Renaissance experiencing cotton plaid shirts in which the box is formed from colored threads of warp and weft. The box can be opened by more than one color. Checkered shirts in red and black are characteristic of the autumn. Their only drawback is that crease easily.Different regions of the box is understood differently. In Amerika under Box is meant intertwining of multicolored threads in Britain circulated a Scottish plaid. However, be careful with it because it has deep cultural roots and meaningful additional charge and is not always suitable. Very suitable for summer shirts are plaid in weaving utilizing threads of different colors. However, be careful not to overuse spotted. In many cases it is more appropriate selection of the curtain, but not the liner.

Shirt checkered cotton fabric-This is a shirt that everyone has seen but can not be realized immediately what it is. Shade looks like a box and used for any clothes. Because of the way it is woven this fabric is easy to maintain and extremely pleasant to wear. Today, the strings of which is woven pre-treated to crushing harder. The very right is not always appropriate for corporate environment as it is associated with kitchen curtains, coats and cowboy shirts. Yet this can occur with quad and in the office, but you must follow a few rules. First, choose a men’s shirt with classic colors, ie white and blue or black and white. Second, the closer the colors are to each other, the classic shirt and pattern is not conspicuous. If you do not like black or blue on white, then choose a dark blue and black or brown and black. And third, consider the box is as you can in retail. In principle, this right is informal and looks best on clothes for leisure. Very suitable for summer. Short sleeves and buttoned collar are components that combine very well with him. But if you want to look elegant, stick to dark colors and long sleeves.