Types of Garden Umbrellas

If the spring and then summer sun will garden equipment from the garage to be removed, cleaned and ready to put the glorious sunshine we’ve waited so long for. But this mild sun can have disastrous effects on the body, if not protect us. Protect creams on the skin, but also shady areas, such as under the umbrella.

Types of Garden Umbrellas


On a terrace are standard a shady spot, but with a terrace in an open space, the sun all day warming measures applied. It would also immediately say that the shade is desirable or even necessary. After all, is global warming, but the human skin can cause serious damage increase.

What are some of the opportunities and trends.

Armed / -benige umbrella
The most famous are the umbrellas on foot, usually made ​​of aluminum or wood. The center of the umbrella mechanism to open the parachute landing case according to a weighted base. In general, the base is now equipped with a wheel, so that there is no more need to be lugged.

The umbrella of the mechanism on the side and a garden where parasols can corking, without having to sit in the middle of irritating the foot, see you more and more. Similarly, the umbrella which the mechanism is attached to the wall and thus from the opening. The downside is this sunscreen as much can not be varied with the location of the blinds. Some rotate with the sun is the only option. Handy to the known weighted base is no longer irritating presence.

These umbrellas are in a variety of colors and patterns for sale. Often matching of garden furniture cushions, but contrasting color can also work well. The more or less brilliant new, but very trendy. The materials have been treated and have a good rainfall. In summer, do not look at the last moment forward all types of cover if there is a rain cloud passes.
However, there are many models with lights for sale. Thus the evening with umbrellas open and the lights are a little book also read out.

Party tent
The party tent, as it’s called, is made ​​of plastic, aluminum or iron frame and a cover stretched to the top of the deck and if desired pages can cover. Often iron models attached firmly to the floor and can be plastic or aluminum, the models can be easily disassembled for the next summer season. Several times in and out of each other, will such a party tent is not able to last for many summers. In general, these tents are also significantly cheaper than the iron frames.

The covers were previously in a limited number of colors available for sale, which has now expanded to cover that has a hyphen or other simple pressure. If you wish to have covered the pages, then these are also with transparent plastic. The plurality of pressure is significantly less than that of umbrellas.

Awning can keep the sun out of the housing, but can also be attached well to another wall. Even here, however, to the terrace or have a permanent place, but with a strong breadth and failure, a complete garden furniture can often be well covered. These are often thicker / solid materials that can last for many years. Cost is also there.

Lounger with umbrella
Deck chair with a permanently mounted on the umbrella back of the chair, usually does not reach all the way sun, but rather to the face and part of the upper body. So good to read them a book, but the part that comes into the sun should still be properly lubricated. The material of the cushion of the sun is led through the umbrella. Useful for example on the beach.


If the professional thing to be together always take into account a delivery period of at least several weeks.

For each budget is an awning in the garden for sale, but occasionally a larger investment but cheaper if you look at life. Most importantly, it is a good blinds. Tanned skin or worse can be with a roof so easily avoided.