Twitter Update “Ties” Conversations Between People You Follow

If you have updated the application Twitter today and uses the social network directly from the site on the computer, probably noticed that arose blue lines connecting the tweets chat between people you follow. It is because Twitter thought it would be a good idea to join the conversations in a visually more intuitive and clear.

Not everyone agrees, of course.

The idea is good, but in practice, it will take until we used to. The problem is that the sense of the timeline of Twitter is the chronological order of sent messages and retuitadas. With the “tying” messages, turn one mess. Note the time that the first messages were sent below:

With the emergence of a new reply, they go back to the top of the timeline.

However, only the conversations between people you follow appear amarradinhas. This means that not all conversations generated by a tweet appear to you, unless you click it; there, as always, open all interactions.

In addition to conversations related, Twitter also added new ways to share tweets: on the web, you can now send messages posted to the service microblog by email and in apps, by direct message.

We not found a way to disable the new role to join conversations on Twitter. It is probably something that we’ll have to get used to and end. She is dividing opinions here; as being for you to monitor the chats on the timeline?