Twitter Announces Highlights, Feature Daily highlights the Most Relevant Tweets

The Twitter is the social network of choice for current affairs. But the company believes that there is so much information circulating there that many users end up losing relevant content. One possible solution to the problem began to be tested this week: Twitter Highlights.


It is not the first time that the company embraces this cause. At the beginning of the year, Twitter began to display some users reportedly interesting tweets, but which were published when they were absent.

In a way, the Highlights explores this idea, but in a more daring way. The tool selects the most interesting tweets based on the issues discussed in the timeline and notifies the user whenever there is a new selection – usually it happens twice a day, morning and afternoon.

The expectation is that Twitter Highlights attract both users accessing the network a few times a day and those who do not like to dig through dozens of messages to find something you like.

Posted tweets show images and videos where applicable. The feature view vaguely resembles the proposal of the News Feed Facebook which, incidentally, was revamped recently.

Both in the case of Twitter and in Facebook, the goal is one: to increase engagement. By regularly find interesting content, the user tends to spend more time using social networking.

If the Highlights will have good acceptance is hard to say, but Twitter live the constant challenge to win more users and, especially, keep it already has, so even need to try everything – more involvement with the service reflected in a greater chance of increased revenue from advertising.

If you want to test, know that at the time, the Highlights are available only for Android users who use Twitter in English. You need to activate the corresponding option in the application settings. The instructions are here.