Twitter Adds Page with Activity Friends

Day’s new web interface of Twitter. At least two new features have been added to the service microblog. None of them relates to new ways to send tweets, such as uploading photos presented yesterday. This time the Twitter design team was in the view of the timeline – and its variations, so to speak.

The tab (call so) retweeting was replaced by “Activity”. Already the tab replies became mentions and won a lot of buzz. Check out.


The tab Activity, as its name suggests, presents the latest activities of followers on microblog. It has the retweets of old, but does not stop there. If one followed his starts following someone else, this screen shows the new association. If one saves a tweet followed her as a favorite, also appears in it.

If the same tweet is replicated multiple contacts, the name of them all is presented, followed by the original at sign and its message. Can you get a better sense of what is impacting on their timeline.

In the case of a row that starts following someone else, even appears the button so that you also start to follow that at sign.

Our chief editor Mobilon was the first to receive this update. According to him, the Activity tab is similar to the timeline of Facebook. In the social network of young Mark Zuckerberg publications are not limited to what your friends say actively in the network, it also offers which applications these friends started to use, or which polls answered. In summary, it presents notifications that do not depend on these people.


The RTs made ??by his followers about updates that you published now appear on the tab Replies (whose name apparently changed to the user name, duly preceded by at).

Right away we have the list of the last people began to follow that particular account. Then come all the RTs, replies and citations involving the at within the microblogging service.

Twitter warned it is making available new features from today. There is no deadline for when all users of microblogging will have the news. The Mobilon has, I do not.