Turret Commander-the Cool Thing Fly-Shooting Games to 8

Turret Commander for Windows Phone 8, is a super fun shooting game where you must defend a B-17 bomber.

In Turret Commander for Windows Phone 8, you must defend a B-17 bomber, which originally was developed in 1930 by Boeing for the US ies ´ defense.

Using machine gun and missiles, you must defend your bombers against attack by enemy aircraft.

The gameplay is simple and attractive, and can be controlled with one hand on the left side of the screen, where the gun can be turned around, to get the best possible aim at the enemy. With the other hand POPs you your weapon in the right side of the screen-but beware of your weapon will not be too hot!

The game starts with a quick introduction to the various functions, and then rolled out in fast-paced action, where your skills out in multitasking quickly put to the test.