Turntable Acoustic Signature Barzetti + ST 251

Even as basic variant of the acoustic signature Barzetti gains + ST 251 (2000 euros) for his stable and clear sound image a stereoplay highlight.

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That massive and extremely solid turntable is built in the Swabian Eislingen/Fils, should remain non-hidden attentive stereoplay readers. The castles produced so far from massive aluminum have already won several stereoplay highlight . But now, the developer of Gunther Frohnhofer wanted to take a look another way – and build a lighter players. The Barzetti with the tonearm Rega ST 251 is the first Turner in a tastefully designed new series.

To save cost and weight, Frohnhofer medium density chose Fibre Board (MDF) as material for the base plate of the Barzetti. It has also the advantage that acoustic signature can realize different colours by painting. As the head of its quality standards but also with the new makes any concessions, the Barzetti owns all ten layers of piano lacquer.

The other components will be also completely solid. As the damped, 6 kilo heavy plate. Or the bearings with roller burnished and thus tightly tolerated bronze rifle, where the polished steel axis on a plastic mirror rotates. This material, called Tidorfolon, acoustic signature features self lubricating properties and minimum wear and tear effects. Also absorbs it very well what avoids a Bell effect of the plate. And even the massive, height-adjustable aluminium legs can marvel at is whether their solidity.

For the drive, the Swabian uses a high-precision synchronous motor with bronze axis. He is activated inside the base of a Vienna generator and powerful amplifiers. These are limited up to 500 Hertz to deliberately, so yes does not include any interference will be reinforced and interfere with the quiet work of the engine. In addition, the Electronics offers the ability to adjust the speed.

As the tonearm Frohnhofer for the trial, the Rega chose ST 251. But obviously as well the bigger Rega brothers can be fitted, since they require the same mounting plate. Furthermore, acoustic signature is also bases for many common nine-inch arms.

In the listening test, the Barzetti in the standard version with the Rega ST 251 was allowed to contend. And he was extremely well, because he messerschaft from each other bordered instruments and placed them in a spacious room. Even at loud orchestral appearances, he kept the overview and blurred no contours.

So he called the stereoplay highlight Rega P7 with the RB 700 (test 9/04) out. However, although this had the larger tonearm, the qualitative distance was very small. So the Barzetti showed stable complex passages and gave a little black bass. The P7 but could such as “Oppression” (“Fight For Your Right” / Virgin) show the finer nuances of playing the guitar and the voice of Ben Harper.

Also, he played somewhat more carefree and kept very close the nose, front, although not quite the pressure of Barzetti, he built up. The surmise that this gap would continue melt, if also the Barzetti wore a RB 700.

As the was: even as basic variant of Barzetti gains with ST 251 for his stable and clear sound image a stereoplay highlight.

Acoustic signature Barzetti + ST 251

Manufacturer Acoustic signature
Price €2000.00
Rating 51.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x D x H) 43,0 x 15.0 x 34.0 cm
Weight: 12.9 kg
Measured values
Tracking rated 0.066%
Target velocity deviation 0.18%
Rumble noise (weighted)
Measuring record / coupler 71 / 73 dB
Short conclusion Also with wooden base plate the Barzetti is a typical acoustic signature. Solidly built, he shines not only with piano lacquer, but also with sturdy, powerful sound, which brings him a stereoplay highlight.
Sound Top-class
Sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
Practice (max 15 points) 7
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (maximum 120 good – very good-75 points
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 4 / 11