Tuenti Removed from Its Website The Two Rates Recently Released Weekly Prepayment

Tuenti you have new things to tell us and we will be with them next Thursday to know all the details first hand although it appears that the changes have begun since it is not no trace of the weekly rates for prepaid card users.

It’s the two rates that Tuenti premiered in November with weekly installments of 1 and 2 euros that included 100 and 250 MB respectively with calls to 3 cents the minute that already you can not hire nor is information across the Web despite his youth.

After getting in touch with Tuenti, we could not confirm if it’s a temporary disappearance to improve them or if they will be deleted permanently. We simply refer to the next Thursday to let us know your news and more details. We will remain attentive to his response to the latest enhancements of the competition.