Trousers for Pregnant Women

One of the biggest difficulties of pregnant women is to find an outfit that gets cool, even with the belly volume. Most brands do not launch specific collections for women in this situation, which makes it even harder to search. Many try to assemble a look with normal clothing (usually in larger numbering), which leaves the tacky look and the disproportionate silhouette.

Trousers for Pregnant Women

The trousers are one of the most doubtful pieces in pregnant women. Some use any modeling, which is not advisable. Some shops sell specific models for pregnant women, with shapes that value the woman’s body.

But it’s not any trousers that will serve for all pregnant women. You need to analyze your style and choose the right model for each type of occasion.

Trouser Tips

A pretty cool tip is to wear trousers that can be worn with blouses that you wore before you were pregnant, so your wardrobe wouldn’t stand for nine months.

There are trousers that have a elastic waistband, which perfectly accommodates the belly and will adjust in virtually all phases of pregnancy. They are ideals, since they do not hold their belly, nor do they cause discomfort to sit or make other movements.

For more stylish women and who like to dare, the model Saruel is perfect. If you do not gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, it may serve during the nine months without any problem. Another advantage is in childbirth, for being super comfortable and not holding the circulation, as do some models in jeans. Prefer the models in Viscoelastano, which facilitate perspiration.

If you choose a jeans, choose a model that will serve both for the pregnancy period and also for postpartum. A hint that has no error is the straight seam, with dark washing and without many details.

For women who like to innovate and love a more formal style, the tailoring models are the most indicated, such as the wide pant. The cool of these trousers is that it can be used up on more formal occasions without any problem and toast still camouflage thick thighs and cellulite.

Serge’s trousers are great too. Prefer those who have enough spandex, so that they are molded to their body during gestation. A hint of color that is quite versatile is khaki, which is also a high point for winter.

Speaking of color, that’s one of the doubts that arise. If you don’t know which one to use, always opt for black. It is elegant, disguises the love handles and can still be used with any other color.

Models for future Moms

The most sleek outfits can also be used, provided they are in lighter and elastic fabrics | Image: maternity dressing.