Treatment Tips for the Hands

Tips on what are the best treatments for hands.

Treatment Tips for the Hands

Many people seek to delay the aging of different parts of the body, especially the face, and forget about other regions of the body, such as hands. In this way, to aid in the rejuvenation of your hands and to delay the aging of those who are so important in our lives, it is recommended that you learn more about them, so let us help you with this task. The dermis is a layer of skin that consists of fibers of collagen, has different thicknesses to the logo of the whole organism, in which in the hands this thickness is smaller, so in this region of the body there is less amount of collagen, causing the hands age faster than other parts of the body here you will see Treatment tips for hands.

You can see that there is much more talk about facial protection and little about hands, and care should be the same for the face, back of the hands and neck. It is indicated that you use sunscreen daily, the sun being the great villain of the skin, besides washing them daily with soaps of physiological pH to avoid excess dryness and moisturize them with hand creams or lotions with FPS at For those who do not know, people who perspire above normal need to redouble their care because they are more likely to develop different pathologies, for example, the dyshidrosis that is related to the appearance of vesicles in the palm of the hands.

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A common problem in the hands are the melanoses, better known as spots, which result from the accumulation of the sun, so the appearance of spots is characteristic of this pathology. To treat this problem are indicated laser sessions Alexandrite, this is a device that performs the emission of a red light that is directed only to melanin that exist in the lesions in the hands.

Currently there is a wide variety of products for the hands, and it is always necessary to observe if in its formula there is a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF, in addition to moisturizing. To slow the aging of the hands, it is necessary to stimulate the production of collagen through applications of acids or devices that emit pulsed light, in which, in addition to lightening the hands, they produce collagen. This way it is possible to do peeling on the hands, which can help improve these were the tips of hand treatments.