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Touch ID on the Way to iPad

Although most probably have thought of the idea, so confirm the codes in Apple’s iOS software, the fingerprint reader is coming to the iPad.

The big selling point for iPhone 5S in september last year, was undoubtedly the integrated Touch ID technology, which Apple had built into the home button. The critically acclaimed fingerprint reader can quickly and accurately lock flagship phone up with a single tap and from any direction.

Since Apple unveiled the iPad Air a month later, having previously been fine words with on the road of our site, then wondered why we and many us over, that it was not equipped with the same fingerprint reader.

However, rumors have long pointed in the direction of that next-generation iPads will get Touch ID, and now it is confirmed by a French iOS (operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)-developer. He has found references on an iPad with Touch technology in ID software. It writes iDownload Blog.

It is during the so-called “BiometricKit”, dealing with the user interface, which can scan a fingerprint where both iPhone and iPad appears.

Information is no definitive indication that the next iPad Air or Mini get integrated Touch ID. However, we find it difficult to find a reason why it should not happen.


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