Top Jet Helmets-Airoh Executive, Nexx X.70 Schuberth M1

Walking well equipped, especially in winter, is fundamental for the safety of those who ride a motorcycle.  And even in an urban use, at low speed, the helmet is a very important accessory. So we have here three excellent alternatives. Surely one of them fits your style.

Top Jet Helmets-Airoh Executive, Nexx X.70 Schuberth M1

Not being a fan of the helmets open, I have to recognize their practicality when destined to an urban use, in the small rounds of the day to day. But if summer weather can be neglected, in winter, with the cold and the rain, the helmets open become quite uncomfortable. That’s why more and more models with a large visor, or”jets”, are coming into the market, much more comfortable on rainy days and on cool nights.

Here I give you my opinion on three bike  helmets I have been testing: The X.70, the Executive and the M1. All have very good finishes, a great build quality and they all have built-in sun visor. Two of them are also ready to receive wireless communication systems. One has double homologation for integral helmet and jet, being the brand it classifies as modular.

They represent three very different proposals in terms of style, but all of them, within their genre, have proved to be good and valid purchase options. The Nexx, with more”custom” look, Airoh with the most modern and futuristic look, and the most urban and luxurious look Shuberth.

Having to start with some of them, I’ll start with the one manufactured in Portugal.


The X.70 is a serious case of style. Especially this groovy, white version with leather trim and brushed aluminum. Praised practically all over the world, in the markets where the brand exports, its design and its quality of construction are of great level.

Its shell, made with the exclusive X-Matrix technique of the brand, consists of a multiaxial agglomerate tricompósito of special fibers of glass and aramid(kevlar), with reinforcements in carbon fiber. Its closing system is micrometric.

The inner liner, adjustable and removable for washing, is manufactured in Coolmax being anti-allergic and anti-perspiration. In terms of comfort, at certain points the fabric has a tougher feel when compared to the other helmets presented here. The sun visor is easily actionable and ensures a very effective sun protection.

The outer visor offers a wide range of vision and fits seamlessly into the shell, allowing for fast strokes whether on a motorcycle with or without protection screen, and is quite stable even at speeds where it would be advisable to wear an integral helmet.

Of the three models presented here is the only one that does not contemplate installation of intercoms. But on the other hand is the lightest of these three models, weighing only 1200g. It is also the most economical, with a recommended price of 250 €.AIROH EXECUTIVE

It is a helmet with double homologation from, like”jet” and as integral, being designated by the mark as”modular” because it precisely allows to remove the queixeira, transforming it from integral to”jet”. An ingenious patented system allows the removed part to be easily attached to the back of the helmet, saving space and without having to worry about fixing it or not forgetting it. The fittings and fasteners are firm and robust.

Still in the storing and modularity chapter, the lower net of the clipboard, designed to reduce noise and protect it from the cold, can also be inserted inside the helmet, underneath the lining, so that it is always present when necessary.

Thinking about the hot days, Airoh arranged a solution to increase comfort, allowing the lower collar to be removed, better ventilating the nape of the neck, despite having no place to store it. Nor is it a piece that we can miss without notice, and can be removed early in the summer, and put back in the beginning of autumn.

The visor is prepared to receive a”Pin-Lock” anti-fogging system. Its removal system is simple and fast, and the opening and closing system is powerful, keeping the visor securely in place, even at higher speeds, or under the turbulence of some screens. The sun visor is easily actionable, and its quality is good, not causing distortion.

Airoh Executive is also ready to receive the brand’s wireless(Bluetooth) communication system.

The outer shell is made of high strength thermoplastic material and tested aerodynamically in a wind tunnel. The inner lining is breathable and has an anti-bacterial treatment, being very pleasant to the touch.

Provides great comfort in use due to soft cushioning which also contributes to good soundproofing. Especially when in its full configuration, since when in the”Jet” version, it is no quieter than the competition presented here.

The clasp is micrometric. It weighs 1470 gr and has a recommended price of 299 €. For more information consult the importer’s website: Salgados Moto(click here).


This is, of the three options presented here, the most expensive, but also the most sophisticated. It is very stable at high speed, and guarantees a relatively good soundproofing. The breadth of the field of view is also very large.

Its outer shell is made of fiberglass by a high pressure and temperature molding process, which guarantees high rigidity. The internal cap, in EPS, has different densities that guarantee a better amortization in case of an eventual impact. It includes a sophisticated air circulation system inside, with several channels and diffusers.

The inner cap also houses the two speakers and the microphones for the SRCS M1 wireless communication system, which I’ll tell you about later. The liner is made of Shiny-Tex, a resilient, washable, quick-drying, breathable and water-proof elastic material, and also hypoallergenic, with bactericidal properties due to the use of nano silver. Very comfortable and soft, the lining is available in two colors: black and brown.

The visor, available in different shades, is ready for”Pin-Lock”. It fits perfectly to the outer shell ensuring the best sound insulation among all the helmets mentioned here. The solar visor is of great quality, easy to conceal, and can be replaced, with five different colors available.

The M1 can also be used without the visor, whose removal is very easy. To hide the latch mechanism, an optional flap is available that includes two side covers and gives a completely different look but still full of style. Its weight, with the visor installed, is 1350g.

It stands out in this selection for the refinement of the finishes, of which deserves a special note the back air diffuser, in metal, representing the logo of the mark in 3D. His painting, in seven different colors, has an impeccable finish, especially in the matt versions. Its recommended retail price is € 399.

You can find more details about the Shuberth M1 on the site of Golden Bat, the official importer(click here).


The SRCS M1 system is the communications module that can be installed on the Schuberth M1, which attaches with just one click on the back of the helmet to a connection port which, by default, is hidden under a discreet cover.

A system battery charge, provided through a micro-USB plug, guarantees 13 hours of talk and about a week in stand-by.

The SRCS allows connection to the GPS system and the smartphone, via Bluetooth, and among other SRCS devices with a range of up to 500m. Greater distances or difficult relief conditions, communication can be made over the phone. It still allows the conference mode with another SRCS for telephone calls and attendant commands and voice calls.

The sound quality is very good, even at speeds higher than allowed by law. The SRCS automatically adjusts the volume according to the surrounding noise.

The microphone pickup is also good, but affected by the turbulence caused by certain screens, so it should be regulated using the supplied software, or through an application specifically developed by Schuberth for that purpose, available for iOS or Android, and also allows you to adjust the volume of the voice commands or the sensitivity of the noise sensors.

The SRCS has the recommended price of € 179 for one unit or € 299 for two units. You can find out more details on the site of Golden Bat, the official importer(click here).