To Post Your 360 ° Photos to Facebook

For some time, Facebook has been offering you the opportunity to publish your own 360° photos. If you look at this on the smartphone, you just have to move the device to look around.The same applies to the videos. But how can you create and publish a 360° photo? We show it to you.

Since the launch of the new feature of the 360​​° photos at Facebook, they feel every second contribution. Whether it is a landscape or a stadium, a living room or a fairground-nothing goes without an all-round view. This new feature is not annoying at all, but rather a nice feature that gives holiday photos or real estate advertisements a new character. New is the feature but by no means. Google Streetview already years ago how it goes. For private use but also PhotoSpheres.

Variant 1: 360° Photos With Google Photo Sphere

If you do not have a smartphone that creates the Runum recordings from your own programming needs, just the Google Camera as an app on the Android smartphone. This works on most Android smartphones, even though the Google Play store officially notifies that not all devices are compatible.

Opens the Google Camera app and selects Google Sphere mode. Already you can take a 360° photo and save it as such. After that the recording is easily uploaded to Facebook. Before the upload, Facebook shows you through a small globe in the right billboard that the image was recognized as 360° recording. And you can get more from

Variant 2: 360° Pictures With Apple Or Samsung Galaxy Devices

Facebook itself stated in its own article that the 360​​° photos are only detected by Galaxy or iOS devices automatically. At this point, however, you also directly called Google Sphere. Over time, however, other vendors will fill the list and automatically recognize 360​​° photos from Facebook.

The 360° recording is not preinstalled on the Galaxy S7. Select “Mode” within the camera app, then tap “Download” at the top. You can then download the so-called surround-shot in the following called Samsung App-Store. The file is just over 5 MB in size and is available immediately after installation.

Uploading the 360​​° photos to Facebook works like any other photo.