Tips of Looks with Turtleneck Top

Turtleneck, turtleneck or turtlenecks, you’ve probably heard about this play that marked the years 70 and who, this season, regained your trendy space.

Tips of Looks with Turtleneck Top

Depending on each generation, some parts earn different connotations, for example, formerly the Turtleneck was thought of as a piece that served to protect the neck and, nowadays, in addition to having this utilitarian function, she is also considered a sophisticated piece.

This winter, she won a major highlight in the street style, because you can prepare the effortless productions. It’s a perfect piece to compose or overlays to give an up in the basic styling. Check out our tips below!

The blogger Aimee Song chose pants flare denim jacket and Turtleneck Sweater to compose a look that seems to have come directly from the years 70. Is the inspiration for those who like vintage mood productions.

Overlap is the perfect styling trick for those who like to get the look of the obvious. Here the shirt looks slightly slumped to show a turtleneck underneath. Denim skirt, boots and rounded glasses that look that group also seems to have come from another decade.

The gardener gets even more sophisticated air flare when used with the Turtleneck blouse. The two pieces are icons of the women’s closet and can be used together as separately. Worth the investment!

Two trends in one piece: the Turtleneck blouse also won the company the Velvet, the most desired texture of the season. With that choice has no way to go unnoticed.

The blogger Julia Hengel bet on femininity of the front buttons and Turtleneck Sweater with oversized effect to composed a girly production. The light shades were strategically designed to add romance to the styling.

The cool air of the cropped jeans and the sophistication of the Turtleneck blouse make up an effortless chic as far as production for days more. Feet, invest in shoes with vintage mood, as the moccasin or shoe.

This is the right part for anyone who wants to develop the production of winter of unpretentiously. Stop by our showroom and choose your favorite blouse.