Tips for the Fitting of Clothing

How do I test clothes best for everyday use and the right fit? We asked XL model Lenard customer and presenter Michale Thürnau for their experiences.

Tips for the Fitting of Clothing

In addition, our expert for plus size clothing, Oliver Koppitz, will give you tips on how to fit the shirt and pants properly. This way you can make a good impression when you try it on.

When does my pants fit?

In everyday life, pants must not only tolerate a lot, but it should also be comfortable.However, if you decide to wear the trousers, it is best to decide when you want to try – not just afterwards.

It is a pleasure to use particularly wide models, because it should be comfortable. However, this is the wrong approach. As Oliver Koppitz of knows, the trousers are widening when worn.

The pants should rather be a bit tighter than already when buying too far.

Make sure that the trousers are not too wide on the buttocks or thighs.

What cuts and substances?

For wear comfort, the body height (the position on the belly, on which the waistband of the trousers rests) is a decisive factor.If the circumference of the belly is slightly larger, a model with low body height is recommended, the collar of which does not cut when sitting.Pay particular attention to the fact that the leg is cut straight, because it widen the figure visually.More tips for the appropriate and advantageous cut of trousers and more can be found in this article .

Oliver recommends, for example, the model Peter von Pionier .In the case of the convex-shaped short size, the front area of ​​the pants is slightly deeper so that the waist does not cut.In the rear area, however, the waist height is higher, so the t-shirt does not slip out of the pants while bending.

As a material, a cotton-elastane mixture is recommended, which is convenient and also removes major stresses due to friction.

Belt Tip:Decide against a leather belt and a model of elastic material.This way, the waist can also adapt to your stomach circumference while sitting or bending without cutting.

Does it really fit?You can do these exercises

Whether the pants really fit, try best by sitting down for one or two minutes.The pants sit well, if the stomach does not cut anything and the trouser leg does not slip too high.Bending and kneeling once is also helpful and makes it easy to see if the trousers meet the needs of everyday life.

Shirt and t-shirt

Whether you are comfortable in a tight-fitting shirt or a wide model is pure taste.

In general, however,

  • The shirt or shirt should not tense on the stomach or back.
  • For the T-shirt the sleeve should not protrude over the elbow.
  • Long sleeve shirts should be easily bumped on the wrist.
  • The shoulders should not slip over the shoulders.

What cuts and substances?

Finger away from synthetic fabrics!Even if the shell of polyester looks good at first sight – there is more than one drawback.Synthetic materials are not breathable and thus ensure heat insulation especially in the summer.

Natural fabrics such as cotton are more suitable.Linen is also comfortable to wear, but you should remember that it is quickly wrinkling.

Tip:A color-coordinated T-shirt or undershirt of cotton under the shirt catches the sweat and ensures that you are well-dressed.For special comfort, material mixes of modal or viscose, like our classic underwear by Jockey .The fibers of natural origin ensure a pleasantly cool feeling on the skin.

Does it really fit?You can do these exercises

If the shirt or shirt should remain in the pants, then there is a simple trick: the shirt must be so long that the man can easily pinch it between the legs in the crotch.

Should the shirt be worn over the pants, it is usually recommended to have a length of “mid zipper trousers”.For men with a big belly, however, the shirt or shirt must be longer, because otherwise the belly under the T-shirt looks out.

To test whether the upper is comfortable on the shoulders, you can make a few everyday movements, for example, by stretching once.However, do not take too much or too much forward with your arms, because it will hardly fit a shirt or shirt.

Jacket and coat

For jackets and coats, a fist formula: sitting, they should not tense on the stomach or back.As with shirts or T-shirts, the shoulders should not slip over the shoulders.

It is important to find the right means between ‘too much standing’ and ‘too tight when sitting’.Because a wide, black jacket in 8XL looks even more than it really is.Contrary to the Volksmund usual I would advise with a jacket rather gray, before man reaches black (in the oversizes from 6XL).

Tip:When wearing a large belly, make sure that the shirt is longer than the jacket, otherwise the belly will look slightly under the jacket.

You can also find more information about Jackets and Coats in our articles.


In a sleeping suit, you should be comfortable in the first place.

The material is more relevant here: the one may be a knitted cotton fabric (such as a T-shirt), the other a light substance.

What you choose is up to you. Make sure that the material is well absorbed and breathable, such as a jersey-quality jersey made from the Kapist style Basti.

The same applies to jackets and shirts:

  • The shoulders should not slip over the shoulders.
  • At the same time, the upper part must not tense at the shoulders.
  • The elastic band must not be too tight and cut.
  • However, it must not be too wide, so the pants slip when walking.

The best way to test the fit is by sitting down for a few minutes and then stretching for a few minutes, as you would after you get up.

We hope that we could give you some useful tips for fitting and fitting the clothes.If you are unsure about your shirt or trouser size, our size chart and our answers to the most frequently asked questions will help you out.The team at wishes you a lot of fun while trying on it and especially when wearing it!