Tips for Camping

Camping is always a great experience-the contact with nature, the adventures, the friends you make along the journey. But when not well planned, there may be some perrengues. And to prevent this from happening, especially with the holiday coming up, we’ve listed some essential tips for first-time campers!

Tips for Camping

  1. Choose The Camping
    According to campingtopgear, first of all, the first thing you should do is choose a quality camping. As camping is mainly about being in contact with nature, you will not want to depend on the car for everything, so choose a camping with a good location-be it near the center of where you are, and at the same time the beaches and trails .

In addition, look for an establishment that has a good infrastructure, providing electric showers, a good area to set up tents, some energy points and, if you do not want to spend eating outside, with kitchen-many campgrounds nowadays offer this option.

You can search for establishments from evaluations on the internet and especially by exchanging an idea with people who have already gone camping and have had a similar experience, giving recommendations and tips.

  1. Shack
    Have you heard that often the cheap is expensive?So do not skimp on the tents.Of course we are not talking to you to invest all your money in them, but their quality often reflects in their price. Cheaper stalls most of the time end up making your trip difficult and not having so much quality and comfort-so be careful!

Look for stalls that are totally impermeable in cases of rain, as often the water ends up passing through the seam, flooding and wetting everything inside. Many of them have removable covers and are suitable for all seasons. And do not forget that under no circumstances should you leave the zipper of your tent open!

  1. Inflatable Mattress X Sleeping Bag
    This is a very common question even for seasoned campers, so before you buy either, review your priorities-would you like to carry less weight or have more comfort?

The sleeping bag is more compact, so it takes up less space and is also lighter, perfect for anyone planning to do free camping. But on the other hand, the sleeping bags are very tight, having a limited space and preferable for people who do not move much during sleep. By not having any type of mattress underneath, your back will be completely lying on the floor, causing greater cold and discomfort.

For those who can carry more weight and are looking for something more comfortable, the inflatable mattress can be perfect. The problem is that this choice ends up weighing more in your pocket and also in the backpack, since in addition to being more expensive and heavier, you also need to be with the pump to be able to fill it. But for those who are in the car, this is a great option.

  1. Weather Forecast
    Planning is everything, is not it ?!So make sure you plan your trip right and choose a good weather season, so you do not have to go through the rain, especially if this is your first experience.So be sure to check the weather, so you already know what to expect and can pack your suitcase according to the weather, not being taken by surprise when that storm falls.
  2. Essential Items
    When camping, always try to take the essentials.At camp, the less you take, the better-that means less weight, less space in the tent and trunk, and less stuff left behind.

So be very careful not to pack too much clothing and irrelevant things, forgetting what really matters. Before the trip, try to make a list of what to take, and do not forget indispensable items such as: lighters, which can save you when it comes to cooking; toilet paper, since many campsites do not offer this item; flashlight, essential when it begins to darken, since many places do not have electricity; first aid kit, always important in case any accident happens; plastic bags, for dirty clothes and also to collect their dirt; nylon thread, to improvise a clothes line; and finally, knives or pocketknives, after all, these two always break a branch, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere!

  1. Never Forget The Repellent!
    Yes, this item deserves a special topic, as it is essential in every trip that comes in close contact with nature-especially in summer.Places like exotic beaches, trails and waterfalls usually have many insects and mosquitoes, which sometimes even without knowing, you have an allergy and find this well on the trip!

So not to end the camp as early as the first night, there are different types of repellents you can choose – spray, spray and lotion. So if one of these does not please you, there is always another option. And believe me, you will thank us after your first experience.

  1. Respect Nature, Your Camping Colleagues And Enjoy Yourself!
    Whenever you go somewhere new, remember: respect the nature and the places!After all, these are the people who are there everyday caring and preserving the peak you are enjoying.So do not disrespect their work, never leave trash on the ground, be nice to your camping buddies, admire the beauties that Mother Nature gives us and so you will have a wonderful trip full of memories and good memories. So enjoy it, explore it and have fun, but always with conscience!

With this you will always be prepared to enjoy an animal trip and make several friends! Check out the Kanui camping products below, just click on the image!