Tip of Mom-Grape Juice and Milk!

Unlike all breastfeeding mothers and if they inform on food and liquids that can help in the production of milk, I always get informed to be able to get away from them!

Tip of Mom-Grape Juice and Milk!

Since I have an over-production Bruna milk if I don’t control, just empedrando all the time and causing pain.

Myth or not, we’re already tired of knowing the strength of some items in milk production and who have no contraindication.
They are:

-Corn and Hominy

-Cotton dye

-Mom’s Tea from Weleda

-Water and liquid

-Root Beer

-Fennel Tea and herb tea Sweet

I’ve had a some suspicion that every time I ate a lot of grape of those darker, I was producing more milk. But this weekend I felt on the skin or better, in the chest, the power that the grape juice held on me!

Sunday I had brunch something too salty to very thirsty and I ended up taking about 6 glasses of grape juice giant ice cream during the day of grape juices you mix full with water and sugar.

The night my chest was exploding and entire empedrando. I don’t understand what could have caused this because after 6 months breastfeeding and without major problems this time, didn’t make much sense. I woke up 2 times a night with a lot of pain and a lot of milk. And until yesterday it was still producing more milk than usual.
I stopped to think about what I had consumed and I realized it could only have been the grape juice, since it was practically the only liquid that I took and in excess.

I have been searching on Google and the juice is on the list of foods that can increase production. And read several texts and research about it.

Of course this works for some people and not others. But as you have no contraindication, is a tip for those who like to consume products that can help produce more milk.

Taking advantage of the hook of breastfeeding and the requests of some readers, next week I will do a post with tips for those who have too much milk as I. What to do to avoid all the hassles and get along with it. And then another issue that also asked me; weaning.

And you mothers, any other tips of food to include in this list that worked for you in milk production from mysteryaround.com? Already knew about grape juice?