TIM Launches Unlimited Download Music Service for R $ 0.50 Per Day for Prepaid Customers

TIM officially launched TIMmusic, a new music download service that is available to all customers of the operator. The main difference compared to other services is the collection of model for prepaid customers, TIMmusic costs $ 0.50 per day charged only on the day when the service is used.

It is not a streaming service like Rdio or Spotify: the music must necessarily be downloaded to the device before being touched. However, the songs are not yours – they are stored in a secure manner; They are performed only by TIMmusic application; and may not be copied to other devices.

The TIMmusic is also available for post-paid customers, for R $ 9.90 per month, in the month in which the service is used. The amount is automatically deducted from the monthly bill or credits in the case of pre-paid plan. According to TIM, it eliminates a “barrier to legalized access to music on the phone, which is the need for a credit card billing service.”

On first use, you must use the TIM data network. After that, the songs can be downloaded for Wi-Fi.

The player TIMmusic is not very beautiful (ok, it’s horrible), but it works. The service is based on Muve Music, offered by US operator Cricket, but there are several Brazilian artists in the collection – in a search quickly, found Caetano Veloso, Seu Jorge, Djavan and Ana Carolina. TIM says it has partnered with various record labels in the country, including Sony, Universal, Warner and Som Livre, which guaranteed a “million music library.”

In addition to download and play music, the TIMmusic application shows “playlists ready with pre-selected songs” in My DJ. And there is a Shazam icon there, when you’re listening to a song somewhere and not know her name, just tap the button – the application returns song information and an option to download it to your device.

Currently, the TIMmusic is only available for Android smartphones and officially supports a few models: Motorola RAZR i, Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy S II Lite, Galaxy Pocket, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Y Duos. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play, and there is no charge until April 15.