Theme Size Sewn – Drakes of London

The next product to highlight in our review of unique custom-made products becomes a tie from the Drakes. Through their Drake’s bespoke offered the opportunity to get a unique tie to suit individual preferences.

We decided to try this is to evaluate the results. The choice fell on a Navy Blue solid color necktie in 100% cashmere. This tie is what yours truly and a series of stilintresserade friends jointly came up with is one of the most definitive and useful ties a wardrobe may have, provided that there is no more formal in silk.

One advantage of Drake’s bespoke is that the service is provided on their website, which means that the customer, unlike many other brands, do not have to visit the store. In this case, because they are only available in London.

The first customer is available is to select material. There are a variety of qualities and varieties to choose from. Everything from printed or woven silk to wool, cashmere and grenadine. In the next step are determined length. This is Drake’s a short guide to how you should keep in mind when selecting the length as well as tips on some material stretch a bit with time and become longer. For optimal length should be taken into account so that when compared with favoritslipsen at home if you measure it. Then it’s time to determine the full scope. There is also halvcentimeters choice. In our case was chosen as 8.5 cm width then it gets is considered a classic and timeless width.

The next step is interesting for this, the customer may choose to feed and its thickness. This is pretty uncommon to choose and is in addition to the length of the thing we think is the greatest added value with this service. Here, we think that the choice of materials also come into play. A wool, cashmere or grenadineslips are thick at the corner where the fattest feed is selected. It is perhaps better for a silk tie pin according to Picktrue. In our case, the choice fell on the medium compound.

Before the tie is totally custom offers the customer how the so called tippingen, or avslitet. The facilities offered are self-tipped, IE to the end on the back of the same material as the rest of the tie. The opposite is untipped which means it has no material at all on the back at the end. This is a method that often can be seen in many better Italian manufacturers and sprezz supporters. You are also offered the opportunity to get tippingen in Navy Blue or white silk.

The final selection is to be made is whether the tie should have any so-called loop or keeper on the back to attach the narrow end of the tie in.

When all selections are made to put the process in motion. It takes about 2-6 weeks depending on the pressure in their own slipsverkstad in Clerkenwell, located in East London. It is manufactured by hand and then tie a pattern be developed uniquely for the ordered the tie. Each step in the manufacturing process from design, through editing, adding in feed, trockla together and sewing the details by hand is done by different specialists. One thing that actually appear for when the tie finally arrives, there is a small card with the box where each person put their hand on the tie has signed with his signature during their operations. Another small funny detail for Drake’s nerd is that on ties from their bespokeprogram is the label in black as opposed to the usual white. It is those details that we love?