The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

The Liliput among the Smartphones
The X10 Mini from Sony Ericsson is one of the smaller smartphones on the market.Nevertheless, it is quite large according to equipment list: Android, GPS, HSPA and more functions it offers. In the following article, I mainly put a main note on the abilities as an MP3 player and GPS tracker while jogging. Of course, I also go to the question of how and whether the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini as a smart smartphone claims. Design and processing: While unpacking, I still thought: Where is the real smartphone? With the dimensions of 83 x 50 x 16 mm and 83 gram weight should not really be a lot of smartphone included in the pack, right?
Compared to an iPhone, the X10 mini is actually very tiny, I do not even want to compare to a boliden like the HTC HD2 with 4.3 inch screen diagonal. Be it drum, the X10 Mini looks in its way already chic-with a beautiful plastic frame and a capacitive display. However, the mismatch between the housing and the thickness interferes: With 16 mm, it is really already on the whole flat smartphones, which are nowadays common-small pummel.

Nevertheless the X10 Mini is well in the hand, because the unfavorable waist is well covered by strong curves and the Softtouch surface of the Akkudeckel. If you also like it in color, you can buy the X10 Mini in one of the other five colors. The processing is so small-gap size and plastic leave greet. My copy is the standard model of the X10 Mini, not the Pro version with sliding keyboard. By this renouncement, I expect a plus of stability, which is due to the fact that fewer defects can occur due to mechanical defects.

Display and operation
I do not expect much from the 2.6 inch display of the X10 Mini with a low resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, plus the plastic surface. The operation is by far not as easy as with a glass display, because the finger does not fly as easily over the screen as one is used to from expensive smartphones. Nevertheless, I am satisfied, after all, other and partly expensive Android smartphone in comparison even worse touch displays. Because of the limited space, there is no full-fledged QWERTZ keyboard on the screen, instead you have to use a classic alphanumeric keyboard. Does not sound comfortable, but after a short period of familiarization-at least for me-quite acceptable. To explain: I have written most of my “cell phone life” more SMS on alphanumeric keyboards than short messages with the virtual keyboard of the iPhone. If you still want a proper keyboard, you must buy the already mentioned Pro version-disadvantage, the housing thickened again by two millimeters. You can getmore from hawthornereviews.

Five megapixels and a LED flash-that sounds really quite good. But honestly, more than mediocre pixel slime does not arrive. Videos with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels are also not particularly worth mentioning. On the positive side, however, a future firmware update is expected to improve.

A microSD card with two gigabytes of capacity is supplied as standard, but also up to 16 GB models can be used. The media player is nothing overwhelming new, but it does its (good) service. The 3.5mm blade output is for a smartphone in this price class really good. Naturally you can expect from the included stereo headset no special performance, but it stands out nevertheless from the otherwise usual mass of the supplied headsets. FM radio is also available, as is the possibility to watch movies and YouTube videos. This is however on the small display more than witless. Nevertheless, a good MP3 player for jogging and traveling is the X10 Mini.

is relatively fun with the mini-screen, but the browser is fast and if you want to look at times on the road what is always better than the surfing experience, which “normal” mobile phones can otherwise offer.

For e-mail and SMS reading the display is sufficient – for more also not. The exchange connection of the Minis is positive, so the user always has all the necessary data.

is currently available in version 1.6. At the end of the year, the manufacturer promised an update to version 2.1. How good the implementation is with only 128 MB of internal memory and the 600 MHz processor-I can not and I do not really say what. Another limitation is the low display resolutions when you want to download apps-not all work.

Connections and recharge time
UMTS, HSPA, triband, Bluetooth, AGPS, Wlan, Micro-USB: Actually a standard one can expect. The runtime is so average, more than a day with full load I do not trust the (not interchangeable) battery-luckily I do not use the X10 mini all day, but only for jogging read MP3 player.

Can, what is good! Even if some factors like the processing quality and the old Android version are not really a purchase argument anymore. Nevertheless, the small mini fun makes better than an iPod nano for jogging it is all times. It saves more music and can even record the jogging path with GPS. And if you want to read e-mails on the go or use Google Maps, then this is also the case. So from me a purchase recommendation for the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini !