The Perfect Neoprene of the Triathlete

As we know, the Triathlon is practised in the sea, ports, or lakes. It is necessary, therefore the use of wetsuits in the sector swimming until well come the summer.

The Perfect Neoprene of the Triathlete

The wetsuits for surfing and diving not flexible enough

In this article I want to show the different features that presented the wetsuits for Triathlon depending on its quality and use that is going to give.

It must first be clear that the Triathlon wetsuits have nothing to do with surfing or scuba diving. Diving have a too thick for swimming and the surf, apart from this, lead additives and reinforcements on knees and chest which make them very uncomfortable when it comes to swimming. Both are not flexible. And the diving knife click marine equipment.

The three main characteristics that often play the manufacturers of these suits are the buoyancy, flexibility and quality of the material. This is what is going to determine the price of neoprene in greater or lesser extent. In addition, there are more factors that can determine the price such as the closure of neck, ease to remove neoprene, design, the grips on forearms, back closure…

Buoyancy, flexibility and quality will determine the price

If, for example, it’s a novice swimmer that starts in the triathlon, a type of neoprene that will help more to buoyancy (thicker), rather than a more flexible neoprene with thinner, especially in shoulders, with more panels would be most advisable. This will have a much higher price and go to a more experienced swimmer that needs this type of clothing due to their good technical condition.

Therefore, we know that to greater thickness greater buoyancy and thinner and larger number of panels greater flexibility. The panels are neoprene blades which are sealed to each other and how much more has more flexibility will provide, since the swimmer will have more mobility.

Other aspects to consider are the different modalities within the triathlon, either a supersprint, sprint, Olympic, middle distance or distance ironman. In each category the distance that must travel in the water is different and growing.Therefore, it is not the same to a suit that you will wear for about 15 minutes to another you are going to take 1 hour. In addition to take into account that workouts are of greater volume.

For long distances we would seek a neoprene that provides certain buoyancy in the pelvis and chest (different panels with different thickness and effect pull-buoy) and excellent flexibility in the shoulders and neck, limiting friction and allowing the stroke cleanly.

The distance that has to go through will determine the type of neoprene

On the other hand, we have the extras, such as grips on the sleeves, cuts in the ankles to remove neoprene more easily, grooves to improve stability and speed placed on the chest, closing in the most ergonomic neck…

Grip neoprene sleeves

Finally, I want to say that there are numerous brands that manufacture this type of clothing with different characteristics.Important thing is to know what technical level have and what kind of distance will be to go direct to a type of neoprene or other.

In future articles we’ll talk about how placed neoprene correctly without damaging it.