The Perfect Jeans – the Right Cut

From the classic bootcut to tube jeans to boyfriend jeans, each trouser emphasizes the female body in a different way. We’ll give you some styling tips to help you find the perfect pair of jeans for your figure.

The Perfect Jeans - the Right Cut

Women should, besides their own taste, also make sure that the jeans match their figurine type! For every woman, the femininity is different in different places and not everyone is the same jeans. But which jeans is suitable for which woman and emphasizes the advantages or conceals the problem zones best?

The A-Type: Dark Jeans To Show Striking Tops

Women with an  A figure have a narrow upper body and a pronounced hip and thigh section. In this type of figure, it is advantageous to emphasize the narrow upper body by bright colors and prominent cut-outs. The jeans, however, should be in rather monochrome, dark or discreet colors without patterns.

It is not too tight jeans with deep waist, like the low-waist jeans. Straight-cut jeans should be easily exposed like the Boot-Cut Jeans by JeansWelt. Bag pockets close together hide a larger butt and reduce it visually.

The V-Type-Legs Emphasize

the  V-type , unlike the A-type a pronounced shoulder line, a full bosom and for a small waist and hips. Here the eyes should rather be directed to the legs, especially when these are narrow. They are patterned, lighter, long jeans. Tube yokes are optimal as they emphasize the legs. But also boot-cuts or boyfriend-pants are possible. Combined with single-color, long tops in simple cuts, the legs are even more pronounced.

The H-Type Chooses Jeans With V-Cut

upper width and hip part are with  H-typesequally pronounced. The waist is relatively straight and only slightly pronounced, which is why women with this figure often look somewhat androgynous. H figurines can either choose a strict, minimalist and masculine modest, which strengthens the androgynous side. Or you can form a female hourglass with a few tricks. Wide Palazzo trousers or slightly flared jeans like the Marlene jeans are curved by their V-cut curvy femininity. Fabric patterns or embellishments that are larger at the hem and smaller towards the waist reinforce this effect. For this, one should choose the top of the shell.

The X-type Has The Free Selection

women with pronounced hip and chest area but a significantly slimmer waist belong to the X type . Here are the female curves in the right places, which is why the X-type can carry almost anything. The jeans can be quite discreet to strikingly colorful according to their own wellbeing. It is best to wear jeans that arecutto the figure, emphasizing the narrow waist.

The O-Type – Female Forms Correctly Put In Scene

O-Figurtypen usually have round proportions with a lot of belly and often also a lot of breasts. The legs of this figurine are, however, often slim, which is why the emphasis should be on the jeans. Models in classic form made of stretch material like a straight-cut, regular fit jeansare a good choice for this type. It is also suitable for trousers with narrow longitudinal strips, combined with tunics or hips falling over the hips, in order to conceal the problem zones. Striking pants, tube jeans and high-waist jeans should be avoided, advised by DISEASESLEARNING.

Great appearance for small women

Not only the figurt type should be taken into consideration when buying jeans. Even small and big women should consider a few things if they want to put their bodies in a jeans perfectly in the scene. Small women must pay attention to lengthen their legs visually. Straight cut jeans with a normal body height stretch and the figure looks optically bigger.

The boot-cut jeans are just as suitable as tube or jeansSkinny Jeans. This is the same with the boyfriend style. Only the shoes must not be covered, because otherwise optically missing again a few centimeters. For small women it is generally: Similar colors for bottom and top select, which also stretches.

Jeans For Big Women

Large women look good on jeans that can hardly be worn by a woman. This includes, for example, the hip jeans with bootleg or the flared bell bottoms. Large, slim women also make a good figure in a tube jeans. The Marlene jeans are extravagant due to the high-cut waist, the crisp cut at buttocks and the very wide legs, but it looks particularly good on big women.

More important than any jeans cut is, of course, that you feel comfortable in his jeans. There are a few fashionable tricks to match the jeans to his figur type, but in the end his own taste always counts.