The Nokia C5-00

Affordable entry into the Symbian world
The Nokia C5-00 was and is one of the first messengers of the new Nokia nomenclature, which was introduced in the course of the streamlining of the mobile phone and smartphone range. The low-priced Nokia C5-00 promises with its features a favorable entry into the smartphone world: Symbian S60 3rd edition, EU-standardized micro-USB port, UMTS and GPS, but no WLAN. Very similar to the Nokia E52 , only in a slightly simpler version. In any case worth a look, following this my personal experiences with the device.

The Nokia C5-00

The design of the C5-00 is simple and simple. In the finest Finnish tradition, the Nokia C5 isnot too strong in its function as a business handy, only a few metal accents provide the necessary elegant kick. The smartphone is by the way very easy, you get the impression that it actually weighs almost nothing and in the first moment you have the feeling that the battery would be missing. Also, the feather weight is well balanced in the hand and the risk that it would fall to the ground, is at no time. And you can get more from livingstontrending.

The processing in relation to the price is above all doubt, even if it feels very plastic in the first and second moment-however, good and solid plastic. Only the flap for the micro-SD Kartenslot is a bit too brittle, here I would be afraid with frequent use that the flap but times could tear. But with a (non-standard) 16 GB memory card, this risk is reduced, but you have enough reserves in petto and do not have to go to the change card. The display, however, compared to the overall housing is somewhat small and mickerig (the Nokia E52 equal) and also the low resolution of 320 x 240 pixels is no longer up-to-date in 2010. The quality of the ad is the average for Nokia. Average means that Nokia probably has too many of the older displays in stock has the cross-section accordingly deteriorate – no praise so at this point. The keyboard, however, feels pleasant, after the first few dozen SMS you have become accustomed to it and typing quickly and safely. The key stroke is satisfactory and the haptics taste less like plastic than other smartphones of this class.

Operating system
With a smartphone, which uses Symbian S60 3rd Edition, one can no longer attract people behind the oven nowadays. After upgrading this year by an upgrade, I am saving the words and hoping that the Nokia version will be much better. It is worth mentioning, however, the more than miserable implementation of Exchange, the lack of speed and the poorly satisfying apps. Joy does not come on!

The camera is an old hat with 3.2 megapixels and a fixed focus, so the photos are as well as the videos with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels at 15 fps. Not really worth mentioning. The built-in LED lightning is a nice attempt, but does not improve the impression very much. Also the MP3 player is-symbian-typical-rather bad. Quite said even an iPod Shuffle has a better “menu” and prepares more fun-although he does not even have a display ;-). However, the use of a 3.5 mm jack for the use of standard headphones is praiseworthy. Until now, the Nokia always had the requirement that the use of a special 2.5 mm jack or a micro-USB adapter is more important than customer satisfaction. Ovi Maps has become a relatively good navigation solution in the meantime, but I’ve already written about it in the blog, so I’ll take a moment. With the free Ovi Maps, Nokia offers added value, which makes a C5 worthwhile-at least as long as Nokia has a new version of Symbian again a better operating system has available.

In my personal checkout, the conversations are almost as frequent as with the iPhone or with other Nokia models. Miracles can expect no time, it is offered standard quality. The standby time is about three days, but after some interviews I have already times within four hours the battery used up. Thus, the performance of the Nokia C5-00 is on average. The smaller display should have its share of the half-way good values.

Nice smartphone for a small price with the added value of Ovi Maps. However, if you already know Symbian and have not liked it so far, you should rather think about it again, maybe look for alternatives or hope for the new versions of the mobile operating system. Nokia C5-00 or rather Nokia E52? Without hesitation you can directly access the cheaper C5.