The Design Wall Clock -a Forgotten Jewel

It seems that the wall clock was a little forgotten until not long ago, but today it makes a great comeback. And this time this interesting object serves not only to tell us the time – the design wall clock is also a great way to decorate the interior.

The Design Wall Clock -a Forgotten Jewel

If you like the idea of ​​having a design wall clock at home that will attract the attention of your guests, then in this article you would find what you are looking for.

Design wall clock with mirrored surface by Cattelan Italia

The design clock can decorate a white wall or the contrary – complete a wall already decorated with photo collages or paintings.The clock when properly selected will completely transform the wall on which it is laid.But you should know that a design clock does not necessarily follow with the rest of the deco – it is often used as an interesting accent or as a focal point in the room.Lying directly in front of the front door in the room, the clock is the first thing you and your guests will see by entering it.Here are some interesting clocks:

Wall Clocks of Interesting Design by Mineheart

According to wallClockStation, Original Wooden Wall Clocks by Wewood

Interesting Wall Clocks by Drugeot Labo

Contemporary clock in white by Dd – David design furniture

Concrete design clock by Urbi and Orbi

Wall clock by Rexite

Rectangular Wall Clock by Kriptonite

Decorative wall clock by Alivar