The Classic Crossword Hitter in Digital Format

There was a time when magazines and newspapers had a patent on crossword puzzles, but the development has done there should be other thoughts.

More and more people keep the brain in shape with crossword puzzles-something as you may be thinking, is a thing of the past in this digitized world.

Once had weeklies newspapers patent on crossword puzzles, but there is someone who has managed to follow the digital development and made sure to get the format to find on the Internet.

On mobile phones, there has also been many popular applications, for example, Wordfeud Ruzzle and which also gives brain gymnastics, however, in a different form.

But the old-fashioned crossword puzzles, as known from the weekly magazines have been given new life and the hitter just now on the website our site. Here is an approach in the number of registered users on the whole 294 percent over the last four months – and every day comes around 60 new users to. Here’s how it sounds in a press release from the Danish Crossword ApS.

-“The increase in the interest in crossword puzzles hangs certainly connected with the fact that a great many have discovered the joy of playing with words and be tested on his knowledge in games like Wordfeud and Quizbattle. It has got a great many younger people to take an interest in the classic word game, like crossword puzzles. And it’s something we deal with in our thinking when we’re doing crossword puzzles. We are trying in both content like appearance to give the crossword puzzles in a more modern style. For example, we do our best to stick to words that occur in modern parlance, “says Hanne Marie Reffelt, a professional crossword constructor and founder of

Looking for you in the various application stores for the different platforms in the smartphone world, there is also a huge range of applications, as well as crossword dictionaries that can help you solve the crossword.