The Best Movies about Pregnancy

The cinema has produced many movies about pregnancy. Here are the best and that can not miss in your play-list of nine months of anticipation waiting for you! Classics for couples waiting, film for single moms or simply hilarious comedies to spend a few hours, reflecting on the theme ‘ pregnancy and its thousand questions!

The Best Movies about Pregnancy


We have collected the comedies and movies more engaged and upbeat on the subject of pregnancy and the miracle to become parents!

Knocked up

A film about an unexpected pregnancy after a casual relationship between two seemingly different people but they eventually discover they have something in common. The convoluted plot spotlights the difficulties of finding the right partner to have a child and how, however, first impressions and judgments can change thanks to the arrival of a baby!

Nine Months, contingencies of love

American remake of the French movie Neuf mois. The nine months of prelude to fatherhood put in crisis the protagonist and unleashed, in a couple of sequences, the humor of the gynecologist played by Robin Williams.

17 girls

It all starts in a small French town on the Atlantic, where 17 girls from the same high school take a striking decision: get pregnant all together, within a few weeks. So, what looks like just a challenging game will prove to be a gesture of love and rebellion, a choice of freedom capable of going beyond prejudice.

The First Breath

The film tells the story more universal of all: the birth of a child. View in different cultures around the world, from France to the United States, from India to Brazil, from Japan to Siberia. In the blue of a pool with dolphins, or on the banks of the Ganges with the help of a healer, in an operating room or in a forest with friends around who play and sing.

What to expect when you’re expecting

The lives of five couples are being revolutionized by the arrival of a child: two television celebrities have to cope with unexpected changes which are going to meet; a fanatic of self-help books on pregnancy finds herself living on her skin effects of expecting; the very young and very blonde Skyler lives pregnant absolutely perfect. A plucky Reporter gets ready to travel the world to find a child to adopt, but her husband did not fully endorses this choice.

Overwhelmed by the Stork

Barbara attending college and is preparing his thesis when she discovers she is pregnant her boyfriend Nicolas. Pregnancy puts Barbara in crisis on waivers to do compared to its life and, finally, the birth of the child puts her in front of a helplessness that needs all the attention. And then it’s so hard being in three! They’ll make our heroes?

Look who’s talking

This is a super-classic about a young American woman, became pregnant by the wrong man! After leaving it, fortunately the woman fall in love with a taxi driver who babysit the little talking will become father official.