The Best Apps for Pregnancy

The best apps for pregnant women: useful apps for women expecting a child, some with medical and fitness tips, others more playful and still very useful. If you are pregnant, these apps can not miss on your smartphone through!

Technology has invaded our lives, sometimes gives us a hand (as in the case of app designed specifically for mothers), other times we create more than a few problems, mainly because of social networks. There is no field that does not have its reference app to download on your smartphone or tablet and see when you need to find something or clarify a doubt. Even pregnant women can download some apps made for them and happy and devoted to this complex moment: we see the best to have on your phone.

App and pregnancy: the best

Pregnancy Calendar

An app that allows you to monitor all 9 months of pregnancy, to take note of what is going on and to see if everything is “in good standing”.


A very complete app, which accompanies the woman from the moment you decide to have a baby, informing her about the most fertile days, until delivery, with food, fitness and psychology tips. It also gives you the ability to calculate in menstrual cycle and contractions.

Contraction Timer

The time comes, and you want to count the contractions and make note of the ranges? This is the app for you!

Happy Pregnancy Ticker

With this app you can track the lost of the unborn child, the baby change from week to week and each quarter, you can also write a diary of pregnancy, which will remain as personal recollection. There’s also a counter of contractions, useful at the time of delivery.

Pregnancy +

An app that contains all kinds of medical information about pregnancy and childbirth, with lots of pictures and diagrams. There are plenty of tips for keeping fit and even some curiosities of the zodiac.

Name for baby

More than 40,000 names, male and female, to choose the name of your baby.


A cute and fun app that allows you to measure the magnitude of the belly and taking souvenir photos.