The Baby’s Bedroom

Believe me, there is baby room decor beyond the border with the cartoon characters of the moment. You also do not have to choose between two colors: pink for girls, blue for boys. And yet: you do not have to have a single theme that guides the decorations that will go to your puppy’s room.

The Baby's Bedroom

The furniture is a chapter apart… Who said you should buy everything by combining? What you need is a crib and a dresser that serves as an exchanger. The face that each of these items will have, you are free to choose from-and have fun during the decorating adventure. Here are some tips for a different and inspired baby room.

  1. Create a happy wall with vinyl stickers trimmed into balls.A cheap and beautiful solution.The secret here is the color chart. How about mixing brown, pink and blue in light tones? Red with vibrant orange and pink? Also works.
  2. Choose a beautiful wooden dresser

at a brechó or fair of antiques and then buy a neutral cot to compose a unique set for your baby’s room.

  1. Escape the obvious colors and themes ready.Create your own color chart, choose items separately instead of investing in wallpaper kits, duvet, rug, chair… all too complex.
  2. Instead of white wicker trays, with thermos flasks, cotton jars and matching swabs, do it differently: put together different pieces in one tray and create a custom kit for your baby
  3. Less is more!Invest in a good light fixture, a nice, soft rug in a comfortable armchair that can be used in other rooms in the house after the breastfeeding period.