The Android TV Philips 8601 and 8901 AmbiLux Are Part of the 2016

Among the “news” announced by Philips for 2016 TV range include two “old acquaintances”. This is the 8601 series and 8901at the 2015 Edition of the IFA. These lines will flank the other moadels recently announced, completing the offer Philips for the higher end (IFA 2016, where will other news). 8901 series consists of the model 65PUS8901 (65 “), also known as AmbiLux TV. How is it different from AmbiLux Ambilight? Philips Ambilight TVs use a series of LEDs, mounted in strips along two or more sides of the TV (the number varies from 2 to 4 sides). The light emitted syncs with content on the screen to create the illusion of a larger image and to provide a visual experience more enjoyable.

The Android TV Philips 8601 and 8901 AmbiLux Are Part of the 2016

AmbiLux is the natural evolution of Ambilight. The LEDs have been replaced by nine pico-projectors (the type characterized by very compact dimensions), all precisely placed on the back of your TV. On the wall behind the TV, therefore, are not only the most popular colors in a video: AmbiLux extends the image beyond the screen projecting a representation makes what you see on TV. The effect recreated allows you to “break” the boundaries of the display and to increase the involvement (on this type of application there are several and studies and applications, also from MIT).

AmbilLux, exactly as Ambilight, can be set by the user to provide a more or less marked (you can replicate what is offered by Ambilight or completely turn off the headlights). Philips has also integrated the function Ambilight Music, able to reproduce bright halos that change to the beat of the music. This mode can be used with the files played from USB or streaming services like Spotify.

To further extend the effect (in all modes) you can integrate LED bulbs Hue, able to synchronize with Ambilight and AmbiLux, in order to extend the effect not only the wall behind the TV, but for an entire room.

Turning to the specifications, the AmbiLux uses a TV Edge LED LCD Panel with Micro Dimming Ultra HD Pro. The Premium Color technology , which expands the gamut and improves color reproduction. The support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) is handled via HDR Plus: Philips declares maximum peaks of 400 cd/m2-nits. There are all the technologies that Philips uses to optimize images. Then we find the Perfect Pixel Ultra HD Engine, Perfect Natural Motion ( motion compensation) with 200 Hz BR (does not indicate the native refresh rate panels, set at 100 Hz) and the 2000 PPI (Picture Performance Index: Philips uses it to indicate the performance in terms of movement, detail and contrast). The TV also allows you to process the signals in SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) for viewing in HDR.

The Smart TV platform consists of Android TV (operated by a quad core processor), exactly as for 2015 models. It is, of course, can access to the large park of apps available, to Google services (Google Play, Play Movies, Play Music) and the features of Google Cast (basically you use the TV as a kind of Chromecast integrated). Available memory for storing app amounts to 16 GB, expandable via USB. Connectivity includes Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB and Miracast. You can play different types of files (audio and video: should be supported all popular formats) through USB or DLNA.

Complete the facilities on DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 twin tuner (with the ability to record programs on USB hard disk), the remote control with QWERTY keyboard, support for HEVC and VP9 and HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.0 to 2.2. Release date and price for the Italian market are not been sent (we will update you as soon as they are available).

8601 series is made up of the models 55PUS8601 (55 “) and 65PUS8601 (65”). Ultra HD Edge LED LCD panels with Micro Dimming Pro. The technology extends the Premium Color gamut and improves color reproduction. The support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) is handled via HDR Premium: Philips declares peaks reach a maximum of 700 cd/m2-nits.Compared to 8901 image enhancement technologies may also change. There are the Perfect Pixel Ultra HD Engine, Perfect Natural Motion with 200 Hz BR and 2600 PPI. The Ambilight is present on all four sides.

The audio section is excellent: the system uses 18 speakers with neodymium micro-drivers and two woofers 16, for a total power of 50W. Micro-drivers are mounted on two diffusers in polished chrome 17 mm wide and dark with a scale along the edges of the TV. The speakers may be removed and positioned away from the TV (specially made media) thanks to theOptional wireless accessory. There is also the DTS audio processing suite Premium.

The rest of the budget is no different from what is described for the series 8901.