The 7 Best Mobile Browser for Smartphones and Tablets

The preinstalled Web browser the most popular smartphones and tablets is certainly not a bad choice when it comes to Mobile surfing on the Internet and retrieve information.

The 7 Best Mobile Browser for Smartphones and Tablets

But unfortunately, there’s usually no way to display, for example, Flashinhalte to save Favorites or to sync bookmarks. To enjoy these features, you must download a differentSmartphone Browser from the app store. Which Web browser it is the best choice, we want to show up according to PROZIPCODES.

The Best Tablet&Smartphone Browsers Compared

1. Google Chrome

Many Internet users use the Google browser “Chrome” for their research on the Internet often. For some time, there’s the favorite browser of many Germans to the Smartphone. And already after a short test convinced he through many different features, which not at all by other browsers or be offered only to a lesser extent.

The best feature on the Google chrome for smartphones is the ability, all to transfer data that are stored in the chrome on your PC or laptop, even on the phone. These include bookmarks, chronicles, open tabs, and much more.The Smartphone version is very similar to that for the PC, so there’s the “Incognito function”, result proposals, short load times and the raster display of recently visited pages here. Other smartphone browsers chrome also through its control panel differs between each tabswhich should be easier.

2. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin makes it easier browsing on mobile devices. Not for nothing he was already over 80.000.000 times downloaded.

Even here you need to open thousands of new Windows, but can use tabs , which are easier to handle much, you can control the browser both voice and gesture control and you can customize the home screen of the browser to always access the Web pages to access, that are especially relevant. For the users of various social networks offers another big advantage with the Dolphin browser: you can thus share Web pages with a single tap on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. And to make mobile surfing even easier, you can install several Add-ons on the new favorite browser, which you can tailor to his personal needs.

3. Mozilla Firefox For Mobile Phones

The classic of the Internet browser: Firefox. With the popular browser, you can now not only easily surf through the PC on the Internet, but also on the way. Firefox impresses his incredibly fast load times, the opportunity, the Smartphone with the browser on your PC or laptop to synchronize and the individual Add-ons. Also you must not worry when surfing with Firefox for his safety on the Web, because it has the ability to optimize the Security and privacy settings, as well as the amount of data that is revealed on the Internet, in its sole discretion. Simplified browsing on text-heavy sites is through the Read-only mode, which makes confusing article more readable. For hard-working app users, yet another advantage is with Firefox: Web content can be sent easily to other apps like Springpad or dropbox, or saves the visited website and can read them later offline.

4. Opera Mini

The Opera browser at first impresses with its high resolution, clear and flexible user interface. But there is much more in the browser an insider’s tip. For example, he offers an Off-road mode, you can easily surf with a slow and claimed Internet connection without much trouble and save on costs for the Internet connection. In addition, Opera has a built-inDownload Manager, with the quite simple and straightforward movies and download music from the Internet can.For the explorers among Opera users, the browser offers a “discover” feature, which you can use to show top news with a tap on the browser. Apart from these practical features anonymous surfing, a favorite display and liquid operation Opera also has the “basics” such as to leave n without leaving traces. In the app store advertises to be opera mini in addition to the “fastest Android browser in the world”.

5. Skyfire Cloud Browser

The browser “Skyfire” is a great recommendation for fans of social networking and owners of devices with iOS operating systems. Because Skyfire able to play Flash Videos on iOS devices is different from other browsers. Here should be noted however, that with Flash videos Flash videos also exclusively meant are – no Flash animations or Flash games. However, this possibility for all users of iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads reason should be enough to decide for Skyfire as my default browser. The formerly mobile Internet browser for multiple mobile operating systems like Android, Windows and Symbian is available, but now only on Apple iOS smartphones and tablets.

Even for the hard-working users of social networks , Skyfire has a lot to offer. Facebook and co. are integrated into the Skyfire surface, namely so useful so that you can receive messages and friend requests and see the online status of other users without interrupting the work or research.

Also, browser extensions are available in the Skyfire browser. Also the function to deactivate the display of Web pages for mobile and display the PC version of the page is quite handy.

6 Puffin Web Browser With Flash Support

In addition to the typical functions of a browser for mobile devices, Web browser offers several other features also the Puffin. The most notable of which is probably the support of Adobe Flash Player, which can be very handy for work and research. In addition, very fast loading times, the ability to open tabs offers the Puffin browser as well as variousthemes and Add-ons. Another feature of the Puffin Web browser is the virtual track and gamepad, which you can use to simulate a mouse and a controller. Visually, Web browser offers a theater mode, with the Web pages without annoying toolbars can see the Puffin. Puffin also claims to be one of the fastest mobile browser by itself and to be significantly faster than pre-installed mobile support and its optimized JavaScript engine browser thanks to the cloud. An interesting feature is also the built-in gamepad for games as well as the possibility to simulate a mouse pointer . This makes the Puffin Web browser for mobile devices the ideal browser for games fans. If the Tablet has enough power for games you can find out in our Tablet comparison .

Price for Puffin Web browser on the Android store: €2.26 – free version available

7 Xscope Browser

XScope browser for smartphones and tablets scores with his quickness and incredible easy download videos and other files. When you open a video, the user is asked whether the video should be downloaded immediately. This is too intrusive and annoying, which among other things can settings in the so-called “user agent” refined to match the browsing to personal needs. The disadvantages which the xScope browser with it brings, are unfortunately significant. So the xScope browser tends occasionally to stutter, or even completely crash. However, this can occur under certain conditions also for all other browsers. A specific problem of xScope browser is the somewhat cumbersome user interface. If you are used to but, you disturb it probably not so much. The Ad-Blocker which can be activated in the Pro version to display annoying advertising on the mobile browser is positive at least from a user perspective.

Price for xScope pro on the Android store: €2,24

Conclusion Of The Smartphone Browser Comparison

There are many different both in the app store and Google play Android market mobile browser for smartphones and tablets, all bring their specific advantages and disadvantages. The browsers that have been regarded by most users as useful, are presented here. However, there are one or more browser, with which he copes particularly well for every user.Therefore, you should download some of the best and just try out. Most browsers are completely free, or available in a “Lite”version for a while to be able to try them out, before one decides for a useful browser.

Do you have a particular favorite browser or Internet browser for your phone here still not presented? Then your recommendation please write a comment!