Terrible Android Virus Spreads to PC and Listening in on the Microphone

Virus on your phone is bad enough, but a new type do not just infect your phone and can spread via USB to your PC.

It is an unfortunate trend, but there will be shorter and shorter between the discovery of new viruses to the mobile phone. A new type do not just infect your phone but can spread to your computer, record conversations and send them back to the attacker.

The application went under the name DroidCleaner and is, fortunately, been removed from Google Play now. The list of things the virus can perform behind the back of you is quite impressive:

-Send sms messages
-Activate WiFi
-Obtain information about device
-Open random links in the browser
-Upload the entire contents of the SD card
-Upload any file (or folder) to a server
-Upload all sms messages
-Delete sms messages
-Upload all contacts/photo/coordinates to a server

Can spread to your computer

As if that’s not enough, so the virus can also infect your PC when your phone is connected via USB. Here it can control your microphone and listen to all conversations and send them back to the attacker.

Fortunately, PC-portion not perform much more, and it happens only if it is allowed for external drives automatically perform commands when connecting which starting point is disabled if you have a newer version of Windows points out Kaspersky.

Although the application has now been removed, this is just another proof that one should tread warily in Google Play and not download applications completely uncritical.