Talk to Your Windows Phone without Cortana [Tip]

Although Cortana is on its way to the public Windows Phones, then phones already now ready to accept your commands.

Our site ‘ve got fingerene in Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8.1 update, which among other things provides developers and other impatient soulsaccess to cool features such as the new Cortana Assistant.

We have already talked with the English language Cortana, and it will be interesting to see what Microsoft finds on compared to competitors’ Siri and Google Now. But so what if you just can’t wait to talk to your Windows Phone?

Well, there is nothing else, than to get started. As voice controls on Apple’s iOS devices, so have Windows Phones also a similar “Speech recognition” function built in, and it is easy to get started with creepy.

-Start with your Windows Phone to lock up then Start. press and hold the button down until you hear a sound.

-If you like me use Danish language, then you will now be greeted to the above message. Tap “Settings”.

-Now you should see “spoken language” select the language you prefer. I selected “English (United States).

-Finally you will be presented for settings. As a starting point you must turn on “use voice, when the phone is locked” and “enable speech recognition” for the service. So are you ready to get started.

-When you next press and hold the button “Start” key, then you will be presented with this “Listening …” (listener) page. Try possibly pressing the question mark in the upper right corner.

-Then you will be presented with a small summary of the commands you can use.

With “speech recognition” on Windows Phone you can say “Call Charlot” or “Open Facebook”. 

Are you ready to jump on a English language Cortana when she is publicly available, or do you have the patience to wait for a Danish version?