Doubly Good? Gucci vs. Zara

The two pockets separate 1,950 euros from each other. And still a little more. First of all the obvious facts: the original, the “Dionysus” of Gucci in taupe, costs 1,980 euros. The copy of Zara is only a mere 30 euro! Both bags are made of leather. The Zara model from “cow”, the Gucci model […]


Shopping Oberhausen

As you know, I was on Saturday in Oberhausen, Europe’s largest shopping and leisure center. Shortly called Centro. It was quite huge, but I found the shopping mall in Miami a lot more impressive. 


Outfit White Mint

In two days I will fly to Rome! The last two months have gone so fast, I have not been able to carry out my sports program, and I have many things to do before my holiday. My fear of flying is getting worse day by day and the nights are getting shorter and shorter. 


Fast Fashion: All Handbags!

Last week I asked if you would like to theme and posts as they seemed to like the idea  this week I chose to focus my attention fully on the stock markets. Just love bags. I think my love for handbags is comparable to that of Lu by shoes, heheh! Love for two reasons: they last longer and […]


The Perfect Kit for Bras

Is there anything more boring than organise the perfect look to a party and when it comes time to wear(already late! kkk), No bra is good and you have to abort the mission to use that blouse breath!? Oh that anger! Out that LIB is equal to the Lantern, never have at home when the light and we need right?