Diy Wall Mandala

I prepared another DIY for you love to do this kind of post, because I love put his hand in the cookie jar, and I love it even more when you put and leave the House more beautiful and personalized. Those who follow theInstagram blog knows that a few weeks ago leaves in search of cheap products […]


The Design Wall Clock -a Forgotten Jewel

It seems that the wall clock was a little forgotten until not long ago, but today it makes a great comeback. And this time this interesting object serves not only to tell us the time – the design wall clock is also a great way to decorate the interior.

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Fascination of Time

Today we want to begin the time to look not only for what a clock measures. We would not consider solely as a periodic sequence of fixed units in the form of hours, minutes and seconds the time, we want to rather take the opportunity to train ourselves in oblique thinking – together with writers, philosophers, […]

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Interior Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Old pallets, discarded machines, bare pipes, fancy lights and a lot of metal with traces that tell their own stories. What sounds here for the remains of an old abandoned factory of nowhere, really are the ingredients for one of the currently hottest home trends for your home! The speech is of course from Industrial Style. We go […]

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How to Make a Giant Wall Clock

Decorating a home can be a fun and exciting project, but it can also get expensive very quickly. To save money, try making your own giant wall clock. A decorative giant Wall Clock is cheap to make and it will change the look of your entire room when you hang it up.

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History of the Carriage Clock

Just 17 years ago nice lady came into the studio. She wore something thoroughly wrapped. It turned out that the package has a bronze carriage clock. Four columns, beautiful pediment and base lined with fine bordyurche. Crowned with soft handle, curved like a swan neck. Gilding was sublimated long ago, but without it is anticipated […]