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How to Choose the Right Size Sunglasses

Parenthesis: how to choose the size of a pair of glasses? It’s time to make a brief aside on the sizing of a pair of glasses . You’ll see, it’s really stupid. Size glasses has three numbers. In the case of model Union is 49 / 19-145. Normally your size glasses is even printed / engraved on one of the branches (except […]


Long Skirts – Pictures, Tips, Trends

Long Skirts Models Every day that passes we can come across some fashionable news, which are countless of course and are always pleasing the female audience, who are always eyeing all the latest fashion. You must have seen that long skirts are being used a lot this winter, they are stealing the scene everywhere, especially in […]


Bridal Dresses Models with Corset – Tips and Where to Buy

The girls always want to innovate in your marriage with models of modern wedding dresses, and makes the most success in the fashion world of these beauties are the models of Bridal dresses with corset, because they leave the woman with the most delicate body and with lush curves that makes you be more sexy. Women seek […]


Jeans: Learn to Wear in Winter

Hello, The jeans vest is an indispensable piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe if you want a joker when it comes to putting on super creative and authentic looks.


How to Use the Cropped Pants?

Hello friends!!! To date you’ve done huh?! Nothing better for those hot days than a nice short shorts, a short skirt or a dress. Isn’t that right girls? Even so, our loved ones and inseparable jeans do not cease to be the focus of attention: for next season (spring begins on 22/09!) they came in floral prints and berries, […]


10 Last – Minute Fashion Tips for the Summer

Summer is here, but still something is missing your wardrobe? Then we have a couple of suggestions with what trends you can – spice up your summer outfit of clothes over shoes to Accessories. And the best: many shops offer extremely cheap now many items in the sale.


The Baby’s Bedroom

Believe me, there is baby room decor beyond the border with the cartoon characters of the moment. You also do not have to choose between two colors: pink for girls, blue for boys. And yet: you do not have to have a single theme that guides the decorations that will go to your puppy’s room.


How to Decorate Without Piercing the Wall?

How to decorate without piercing the wall? This is a question that arises mainly for those who live at home or rent, but do not give up the homely home. Sometimes the fear of sticking to the wall is because of the pipes that can pass through it, or because of the “damage” caused by the hole. Here […]