Hit Look for the Professional Environment Makes a Difference

They say that the first impression is the one that is. In real life, in some cases until there is a second chance, but she’s hardly given when it comes to work. Therefore the personal appearance is critical to professional success, and the right clothing can make all the difference to the conquest of that opening or closing an important business.


Bexley Irving Avis

The Irving gum Country at Bexley is a shoe designed especially for men in order to perfect their look. This pair of boots can give a more masculine dimension to the masculine silhouette and allows to combine easy elegance and relaxation. Made bold leather and velvet, this shoe will be able to convey your style and your personality. Timeless […]


Coca-Cola Skateboarder Shoes Very Young Models

Being well-fit for the sport is very important, so the Coca-Cola skater is one of the best options in brands in the market, since each footwear that takes this name comes presenting characteristics that make each model a very special footwear for those who search for comfort for the feet,  and, in addition, they present […]


Tips: Running Shoes

Shorts, t-shirt, Fanny Pack, MP3 Player, sunglasses. All this can make your race more comfortable, but that’s about it. Because to run on the street, the equipment that really matters (a lot!) is the tennis.


Ballet Outfit!!

Thick girls can not go to the ballet. No matter how much talent they have. But fat girls will eventually grow up and then they can do what they want!



Sometimes I wonder why it’s mostly men who make the most beautiful shoes for women. Because they implement their fantasies? Because you’re Frauenversteher? Because you want women to look even better? Because you know the secret desires of women? No matter why, what counts is the results alone. The nicer, more unusual, glamorous, the better […]


Shoes for the Girls!

Hello Hello!Shoes for the girls!Last week I made an order for shoes for the first time in Pisamonas for the first time.I placed the order on the site and after three days had the shoes at home, I was really surprised, I never thought it was so fast.When I saw the box I wondered what […]