Godmother Dresses: The Perfect Look!

If we had to choose the most important person in the wedding, after the bride and groom, it would be the godmother. It usually plays a very important role, such as taking the altar to one of the bride and groom, receiving the guests or giving the wedding gifts. That is why she must always beelegant and […]

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Sweater Dress Length

The real pitfall of the sweater dress is its length: choose which to compensate for these small defects that haunt us? Mini dress, dress to the knee, long dress? At each length its advantages, just have to discover which for good choose your sweater dress!

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Be Bop Clothing

Chance or coincidence? While Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, the modern Gentleman was invited to the Hotel Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe the evening of Wednesday, March 4, for an event of promotion around the young marks women’s Be pop. Will the modern Gentleman have to change its name and turn into Lady modern? Have we […]

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Different Ways to Wear Kimono

The kimono is in my opinion a basic wardrobe. This traditional part of Japanese wardrobe has now democratized and easily carries over our outfits. It has it all, comfort, cover you like a cocoon while giving you maximum style. that’s why I wanted to dedicate this article to persuade you, if you still hesitate to take action.