Pregnancy - Unlucky Traces of the SS

Pregnancy – Unlucky Traces of the SS

What are pregnancy strips and how do they arise? If women look forward to their mother-to-be, they also have to deal with the most varied pregnancy symptoms and complaints. An ugly and annoying companionship in a pregnancy are the stretching strips on the skin of the expectant mother. They do not stop more than half […]

Pregnancy - But Not Pregnant?

Pregnancy – But Not Pregnant?

31-year-old Verona has long wanted a child. Now it seems to have finally worked. Her menstruation has been overdue for almost three weeks, the breasts span and every day starts with the typical nausea for an early pregnancy. But when the vet wants to diagnose pregnancy by means of ultrasound, the big shock comes: Verona […]

Glossary of Pregnancy
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Glossary of Pregnancy

You have a question about pregnancy? Need more information about what is happening to you during pregnancy? At our site, we help you with our dictionary of doubts for pregnant women. Check out any questions you have about your pregnancy and learn more about what you’re concerned about. Here you will find all the words of […]


Breast Implants: Early Pregnancy Signs

An implantation bleeding is a frequently overlooked pregnancy symptom, since it occurs in a similar period as the menstruation of the woman. What is an implantation bleeding and how you can distinguish it from your period, we reveal to you here.

pregnant curly hairstyle
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Best Hairstyle for Pregnancy

Blow drying your hair during pregnancy is becoming an increasingly present in mom pregnant. The right hairstyle allows you to accentuate the beauty of this particular moment. Pregnancy is a period of life that requires special attention to their own style and their own look. The change in certain parts of the body, such as the […]

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Work Clothing for Pregnant Women

Choosing clothes to go to work can sometimes be a complicated task, although the thing can be complicated more if we are pregnant.What clothes to wear?How to choose the best option?What must be considered?

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Pregnancy Office Outfits

Many pregnant women work, sometimes up to the 7th month of pregnancy. It is important to find maternity clothes that will allow you to work comfortably and according to the dress codes in effect in your company: sober and elegant pregnancy clothes, to divert and accessorize according to your style.

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9 Weeks of Pregnancy

Relieve The Gas And The Bloated Feeling And Calculate The Date Of Expiry. It is possible that you have not yet pregnant aspect but some women, especially those who have been pregnant before, say they feel much wider at the waist. Emotionally, it is possible to still feel on a roller coaster, now excited about the baby, nowterrified of being a mother. Give a little slack. Almost all future parents care aboutthe way a baby will change their lives but the vast majority says later that being a parent is the best thing that happened to them. You can also feel an increase of gases and the bloated feeling. This is due mainly to the fact […]

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18 Weeks of Pregnancy

Why Feel More Hungry And Sleep A Good Night’s Sleep. Feel you have more appetite? Now that it’s been sick, many women realize that the desire for food (specific foods or just in General) is now very real. Not deny an occasional treat, but try eating fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods before clingto anything with no caloric value. And try not to get to the point where you feel a ravenous hunger. Skipping meals is no longer a good idea in a normal situation-and can be more dangerous during pregnancy, as it can affect blood sugar levels, causing dizziness and irritability, as well as create ideal conditions to eat too much when I finally have the opportunity to sit down for a meal. The best strategy is […]

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Everything You Need to Know Flu Shot in Pregnancy

Flu shot in pregnancy, everything you need to know: what are the risks in case of vaccination or vaccination not? What is recommended by the Ministry of health? Where to turn? All posts by expectant mothers. Vaccines are put on trial several times, but doctors have no doubts: vulnerable groups must submit to vaccines to prevent serious health problems. These risk […]